Smurf-tastic Day at McDonald’s

Hooray! It’s another happy day for us at McDonald’s Greenbelt Party Place. #Smurfy Last Saturday, we were delighted to party with McDonald’s because the Smurfs 2 Happy Meal toys are in town!

The cast of Smurfs 2 promises to make your visit at McDonald’s more fun! Welcome to McDonald’s! ^_^
Smurf-themed interiors in select McDonald’s Metro Manila Stores. Welcome to McDonald’s Greenbelt Party Place.
My McDo Kiddie Crewย now also Chasey Smurf. He’s the happiest of the all because with every McDonald’s Happy Meal, you get a Smurfs 2 Toys.ย 
The Cast of Smurfs 2 says Bonjour! ^_^ Hello Papa Smurf, Jokey, Smurfette, Brainy, Greedy, Hefty, Clumsy, Party Planner, Baker Smurf, Handy, Vexy, and Hackus.ย 
Oh Happy Day! Our Happy Meal 2013 Smurfs 2 Toys. Almost complete (eleven Smurf Toys,! ;-D), we’re just missing one of them, Party Planner Smurf. See you soon! ย ^_^ย 

We have Smuf-ized store, 12 Smurf Happy Meal toys, and we got desserts to boot. Smurfiest time indeed!

McDonald’s Sundae flavors just got a Smurf-y boot… Hello Blueberry Sundae! ^_^ The signature smooth and creamy vanilla soft-serve Sundae ice cream of McDonald’s now comes with a sweet blueberry syrup.ย 
Blueberry McFloat. A fizzy soft drink with the goodness of vanilla soft-serve sundae and blueberry syrup. A treat of this made my son’s day. Happy Much! ^_^
Strawberry Oreo McFlurry. We all love this to bits and pieces! ;-Dย 

For limited time only, you can also enjoy Bubblegum McDip in blue bubblegum-flavored syrup. You can also add large crispies for a little crunch on the Bubblegum McDip.

Thank you #McDoPh and EON for the Smurf-tastic time! ^_^
SMURF-tastically Sweet time at McDonald’s! My little Chasey Smurf enjoying his Blueberry McFloat #NaughtySmileonHisFace because he gets to drink soda! ^_^ And yes, I told you we love the Strawberry Oreo McFlurry…bottoms up! Cheers!ย 

Smurfette, Papa Smurf, and rest of the gang are taking on another mission against the evil wzard Gargamel in the Smurfs 2 movie coming to theaters on August 7. Can’t get enough of Smurfs? Head over to your favorite McDonald’s store now for Happy Meal Toys and Smuf-ized Desserts.

McDonald’s Philippines is inviting you to share your Smurf-tastic moments on Facebook (facebook.com/mcdo.ph) ย and Twitterย @mcdo_ph.ย 


  1. My nephew has been bugging me for these SMURFS since Friday. I promised him to buy all the Smurfs toys. Whoah! I just read in your post that there are 11?? I'm a dead meat! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I dropped by at McDonald's Clark last night and I would agree that their Blueberry Sundae is a hit! Hope the Sundae would be mainstay in their menu.


  3. Blueberry Sundae and Strawberry Oreo McFlurry looks yummy but at the same time I'm kind of hesitant to try. But I'm willing to. How does it taste though? ๐Ÿ™‚


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