Majolica Majorca Dream Collection in Progress

Happy Sunday! Who loves gift with purchase? Me! Who loves collecting stickers for redeeming gifts a la Starbucks planner? Me! Who loves Cinderella-esque lovelies from Majolica Majorca? Me! Please read on to the end of the post, and I have some great news to you. You know me, I’m seriously so easy to get…whims took me over again!  So last Friday, following a fun-filled day with the ThermosPh event, The Watsons in SM Department Store is seriously a haven for a shopaholic like yours truly, and the Majolica Majorca counter is so huge, that I just had to stare, and then eventually buy. Did I tell you that they have a sticker-collection type loyalty card? So naturally, I want more stickers, I seriously see collecting stickers as a challenge, and I daresay that I can do it. ;-D

Catching up on my Majolica Majorca…See, I’m still being a wise shopper, I only gave in to their promoted three-pack items for Php 1500 each plus Free Dress Glove Cream for every Php1500. ;-D Although I know these are not the latest unveiling of the brand (Lash King, Blood on Lip and Cheek etc.), but I  find the savings irresistible with these pre-packed sets, and since I fancy the Jeweling Eyes Palette and in dire need of the Eyes Reset Gel, I went for these. Anyhow, I have more stickers to claim, I can get those next time. ;-D
Majolica Majorca + Watsons/SM Department Store Loyalty Card…That’s a lot of shopping!!! For my Php 3000 worth of splurging, I got two stickers. 8 Stickers to go to claim a Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek. Wish me luck! ;-D
To get the loyalty card, initial purchase of Php1500 worth of Majolica Majorca products is needed. This gave me 1 sticker as well. 

I have fondest memories of the items that I own, ravings go out namely to the mascara and the cheek blush. Albeit the Majolica Majorca mascara is a woe to remove, it’s one of those true to-their-claim type of item, superbly beautiful lashes with its remarkable lasting power…waterproof to the highest level. So in the end, my woes overpower me, so it’s not my everyday go-to mascara. And I know I’m missing out a lot by ditching it, so I made sure to get the Eyes Reset Gel, hopefully, the mascara and I will now be inseparable…will be sure to tell.

Swatch. Majolica Majorca Dress Glove Cream is from the Glass Trick Collection… Decorate your fingertips with beauty enveloped by in a sparking glass-encrusted glove and a touch of sweet scent. 
Yay! Soft + Sweetly Scented Hands. I like! Plus Literally glitzy and sparkly. I love!

Majolica Majorca shopping offers superb value for money. The uber nice gifts with purchase are great add ons too. For this loot, I took home two Dress Glove Cream, if you buy them, each sells for Php 325, so overall, with these, plus the discounts on the set items, I saved…a lot! On with collecting more stickers  Majolica Majorca products. ;-D

Now that I’m done sharing another shopping post, and most likely compelling some of you to rush to Majolica Majorca Counters at the SM Department stores, I have (1) one Majolica Majorca Dress Glove Cream to give out….just because you read through the end of my trivial post, you have a chance to claim it. I’ll also include some Korean cosmetics in the loot. This contest is open to those who have shipping address in the Philippines. Here are few mandatory entry requirements.

1. In your FB status, tag @Chic & Sassy Homemaker with the following update… “I want one of the Majolica Majorca Dress Glove Cream of @Chic & Sassy Homemaker.”

2. Leave me a comment/note on this post, on what’s your ultimate or super favorite hand cream/lotion, and why so. Convince me to try it out. This is not a sponsored post, so it need not be Majolica Majorca. ;-D I want to discover new items.

3. Leave your email. So I can contact you if your recommendation compelled or moved me the most.

Please indulge me, I will at least need 10 valid entries. I will announce my choice on my FB page by March 16, 2012. Cheers! ;-D


  1. Have you tried Alyssa Ashley lotion? I like its subtle lovely fragrance because it’s not overpowering. I get to feel the deep moisturizing effect without feeling the heavy grease. Not to neglect its affordability and the product is not hard to find given the fact that we live near Duty Free shops which are few minutes drive from home :0)yununjc@aol.com


  2. I love The Body Shop's Dewberry Mure Sauvage Body Lotion… It sinks in to the skin easily without the greasy after feel, leaving the skin oh so soft and smooth. Another thing good about the product is that it is eco-friendly, having used 100% recycled plastic for their bottles. Love organic products? Check! This The Body Shop's Dewberry Mure Sauvage Body Lotion was also made from shea butter and organic babassu oil. ^__^Plus, the scent is so yummy! ^__~Email: sweetloveangel_1908(at)yahoo(dot)com


  3. Hi Des,Not sure if you have tried Human Nature hand and foot salve but that's my favorite so far. It comes in Banana and Eucalyptus scent and I prefer the former. Everytime I apply that in my hands and feet, my daughter would always say \”sarap ng amoy!\” Even kids would love to use it to!


  4. Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works and Human Heart Nature's Hand and Foot Salve in Banana are my top picks! :)czjaireyesocampo@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/czjai.reyes.ocampo/posts/10150616580163710


  5. i dont really use hand cream but if i will, i want it to be something that smells good like anything with shea butter. also im thinking of buying samples or small packs of those hand creams from famous korean beauty brands like tony moly and etude :)FB: Jel JellEmail: punkme15 at gmail dot com


  6. Annyong! Like you Ms. Des, I'm also a fan of Korean cosmetics, and if you haven't tried out this one, please do so.I am currently super loving Etude House's missing u hand cream. Aside from the cutesy packaging, it gives off a really nice smell and makes my hands smooth and soft. It's not sticky or thick or greasy and won't give you the 'uneasy' feeling. I have the one with peach scent and Panda design. It was from their first missing u line. And I have my eyes set on the new line which is bee-inspired.Another great thing about this hand cream is that you know you contribute on saving the featured endangered animals because a portion of the sales of those hand creams actually are being donated to those with the advocacy of saving them. So it will not only give you the feeling of a soft hand, but also of a soft heart:)(jessiehime@yahoo.com)


  7. Nice post Ms. Des! For a really good hand cream, Avon Moisture Therapy Hand Cream is one of the best. It instantly gives moisture without the feeling of being greasy on your hands. It is also great for sensitive skin. I put this cream on overnight and it really made a difference. And oh, a little of this lovely cream goes a loooong way. ^_^airah_genille@yahoo.com


  8. Hi Des! I am currently running out of my now favorite lotion from The Body Shop. It's the Satsuma Puree Body Lotion in Clementine. I am a fan of citrusy scents and this definitely has a very pleasant citrus scent. I love using it after taking baths because of the scent hahaha. It doesn't feel sticky, it doesn't feel greasy either. And if you rub it on your skin, it is easily absorbed. I feel refreshed every time I use this and I think that the scent helps because it doesn't irritate my nose at all. It's from the Body Shop so you know that it's made with care and stuff. :)email: happy.eclair AT gmail.com


  9. hi! im loving the Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Body Lotion Japanese Cherry Blossom. the smell is so seductive! i apply it on my hand and neck everyday, you must try this too^^im loving ur blog!i learn a lot from ur reviews!please continue on doing korean products review^^


  10. My ever favorite hand/body lotion is the Shimmer Body Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works.Why?1. It's from Bath & Body Works. We all know how good their creams/lotions are!2. Warm Vanilla Sugar scent! Spell yummy! Smells super nice! Not too faint nor too strong.3. It has fine gold shimmers that's makes you glow and it stays the whole day! You won't look like a disco ball. It gives a glow when it catches light. Best for the beach, parties, or just for a more glowing skin on regular days!4. Great consistency.5. It comes in a gold shiny tube with gold embossed designs. Gorgeous + Glamorous!Check out how it looks like:http://s1122.photobucket.com/albums/l537/valeriecabance/?action=view&current=AoB0K7mCMAAhKnM.jpgvaleriecabance@yahoo.com


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