Be my C.S.M Giveaway! ;-D

It’s not really a giveaway per se, because there are no mandatory requirements. Definitely, I’m saving a bigger giveaway for my birth month, December. I just want to do this to recognize my friends who endlessly cheer on me. ;-D I’m calling it “Be my C.S.M.!”, which synthesizes to both Chic Cheerer and Sassy Supporter of the Month (to complete ChicSassyMom). So trivial, but that’s how far my creativity goes. ;-D

It’s a random awarding of these goodies to one of my Chic Cheerer and Sassy Supporter for the month of November. ;-DΒ 

I don’t really want to impose on following me on FB, or on GFC, or the likes. I leave it up to your better judgement on how best we can do some quality interaction online. ;-D More than the quantity, I value the quality and depth of our engagement. Comments, likes, tweets, retweets, and share both in my blog and in my FB page, do really make my humble blogger’s heart flutters. ;-D So suffice it to say that this SAHM (stay at home mom) is in need of some encouragement and even flattery at times.

I’m sharing few of my favorite items. I already did several reviews of most of them. And of course, I’m sharing Nature Republic Philippines’ goodies that I got from the press kit. I will do a post of their opening event in SM Fairview, and do product reviews asap. I found this Paul & Joe Sister cosmetic pouch from the duty free. I got one for myself, and for giveaway. ;-D

I hope to this every month. ;-D Some guidelines though, you can only be chosen as CSM once in a three month period. But you can still join and win my giveaways, if there are any. ;-D This is only open to my readers with valid shipping address in the Philippines. ;-DΒ 
Updated: How to join or to qualify?

Since it’s the first try, I’ll just manage some expectations. This is more of a heads up that I’ll be sharing some goodies to one reader of my choice. Because of some qualifications, could not be all, but a couple of these… she/he’s a regular subscriber to my posts, both here and on my FB page, she regularly leaves quotable comments, she visits and reads regularly and let me know that she does so by a comment, like, share, tweet, or RT. She suggests, or asks. The list is endless. She could be a personal friend, or a casual acquaintance, an old timer or someone totally new to my blog, but left a truly remarkable impression. Based on the activity and interaction, I’ll assigned weights. Of course, economically, sharing a post with link will count most. ;-D At the end of the day, I’ll be qualifying my choice. ;-D I can even make a pool of choices, then decide from there.

Some of these items are “sponsored’, please do visit their sites for more details, and seasonal promotions. ;-D


  1. ❀ Just saw your giveaway link in EH and i want to give it a try! Though I really feel I am jinx whenever I tried to join giveaways. πŸ™‚ And btw, I'm from Angeles too! More power to your blog Cabalen.


  2. Saw your giveaway link in EH facebook, so i wanna try joining your contest. Tho, I feel that I am a jinx sometimes whenever a join giveaways. ^^ Btw, I'm from Angeles too , More power to your blog, Cabalen πŸ˜‰


  3. i think this isn't my first time to post a comment on your blog.. πŸ™‚ I just find it easier to post a comment thru FB than here in your actual site. πŸ™‚ I've been a silent reader of your blogs since I started getting so interested to Korean Cosmetics, May of this year. I don't have a Google account nor a wordpress, but I do have a Tumblr account. i only join sites thru my twitter account but I barely use it. But, yeah.. I've been influenced by most of your posts like that of the NYX lippies.. haha! enough said, πŸ˜€ I just wanna share.. and I hope this comment appears on your site, bcoz whenever I try to do so.. It just won't appear. :Dmore power to your blog Ms.Des! ^^,and btw, Chase is such a cute little guy. πŸ™‚


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