The Skin Shop Recovery Real Mucin Pure Escargot Essential Pack

The Skin Shop Recovery Real Mucin Pure Pack 100g 18,000 KRW ($17)

I have the Real Mucin Pure Pack for a while now, although it was only until two weeks ago that it turns out now to be one of my most coveted skin care product. Simply because, it’s now my sole source of escargot fix. I’m out of The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream!!! For the past days, I’ve been out and about trying to find a worthy replacement to it. The stingy me wouldn’t want to pay for shipping fee, so I’m waiting for October when my friend goes to Seoul, and I’ll be sure to ask him to get my refills. ✌

Unlike the two (Recovery Solution Cream & Premium Secret BB Cream), this one comes in a no frills pout. 

Product Description: A sleeping pack (leave on) or night cream with reinforced benefits on skin regeneration, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and nutritive benefits of all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: 30% Filtered Snail Mucus, White Clay Extract, Guava Extract, and the HS Complex (Pearl Powder, Licorice Extract, Mung Beans, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Sophora Root, Peony)

How to use: I actually asked The Skin Shop directly on this, because I was confused on the claim as an “All Day Shield”, I thought it was a day moisturizer. Apparently it’s a sleeping pack, or a night cream that you leave on, and wash off the morning. ;-D

  • Apply as part of night time skin care routine. Depending on your skin type, you can use it after your night moisturizer. Or if you’re a bit on the oily side, you can skip your moisturizer in place of Real Mucin Pack.
  • Rinse off in the morning. 
The consistency is just your usual moisturizer, rich & cream, in milkish color. Nicely scented in mild fruity/citrusy scent similar with the Recovery Solution Cream.

I was actually thinking, since I have the Recovery Solution that is made up of 90% Filtered Snail Mucus, and the Real Mucin Pack is only 30%, then why would I use it instead of the Recovery Solution. That’s why it took me a while to really realize the need to use it. Unless you think that the benefits are now compounded because of additional creams, then it can also work that way. If you don’t have yet the Recovery Solution Cream, you can actually start with the Real Mucin Pack to venture out on the snail cream craze.

What’s to ❤?

  • Value for money. It is priced KRW18000  ($17 or Php700), for a mask and a makeshift night moisturizer with a snail cream, it’s a reasonable investment.  
  • It’s really a gentle and mild cream, even sometimes I overindulge, and use more than needed, it doesn’t leave stinging feel. It is great for the early twenties, and for those who don’t really need dramatic results and just needs a pampering night mask with reinforced benefit of skin regeneration. 
  • It’s also mildly scented somewhat fruity/citrusy, same actually with the Recovery Solution, but it doesn’t leave out harsh fumes so you don’t really smell it once it’s in your face. 
  • It delivers the promise of moisturizing, leaving skin soft and supple the next day without skin irritations and breakouts, at least for me. I’ve been using it every other day for the past weeks, and then in between, I try out other masks (haha). Just to give you a break, I won’t show any of my photos today, I have several already on the previous posts, with and without makeup. ^^
Neutral: It has a richer moisturizing feel. So you’ll actually feel and see that you’re shining while with it for a few minutes until the formula will be absorbed. I guess it’s fine since you’re about to sleep anyway. 
  • Not yet sold locally in the Philippines. You have to get in online here or in Watson’s in other asian countries. 

I was thrilled that the second time the brand sent me product for reviews, they included the Real Mucin Pack. So now, I have the complete line with the golden brown packaging. Trivial, but uber nice, just look at them, all glitzy and regal. ;-D

My precious…The Skin Shop Recovery Skin Care Snail Cream Line and Premium Secret BB Cream

I love how these skincare goodies from The Skin Shop are all pretty and functional.  The Premium Secret BB Cream is quite a gem, I have quite a handful of photo opportunities while wearing it. And need I say more, I’m totally fixated with the Recovery Solution Cream. I couldn’t even begin to imagine before that I would say that escargot is love. Sorry, but I prefer them on my skincare than on my plate. Please read it here if you haven’t, or google it to discover the snail cream ravings. ;-D

For more details about The Skin Shop and seasonal promotions and giveaways, please check out their official FB Page and mine too. ^^

Disclaimer: These items are sent to me by The Skin Shop as part of their product review campaign. Ravings/Rantings are mine from my actual experience while using them. I won’t be receiving any monetary compensation for this post. 


  1. I havent tried any products from them but its like yesterday i saw an online shop seeling those products but they are expensive than the other barnds. So im really convinxced that their products are really good. i hope i can get their products fro freebalderdashinn.blogspot.com


  2. Hi Emsy, thanks for visiting. 🙂 So far, so good, lucky that they're product are suited for my skin. 🙂 Just keep following The Skin Shop FB Page, I'm sure something will come up for a chance to try it out for free. 🙂


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