My O.P.I. Happiness! ❤

O.P.I. Love! 🙂 

My attempt to prettify my nails sadly always last only in few hours!!! So, there goes my Php 50 ($1 Yes! You got me right! That’s how cost effective home service manicures cost here!*_^ Envy much?!). For the busy mom like me, I can’t seem to keep still without ruining my nicely manicured nails. ;-P

Well, until I found my new ❤ and happiness — O.P.I. I’m happily wearing one color per week! 😉 I’m on my 2nd week, and on my 2nd color! 🙂

They’re not actually mine (their my sis in law who’s on vacation from Guam)…so I’m maximizing it! ☺haha… Oh well! It means I have to do some shopping & investing soon. 🙂 My take is that I really need to get a good nail polish for my hands. Although my toe nails are low maintenance and are happy with local nail polish. ;-P I better find an alternative brand that’s available here…hmm, thinking The Face Shop!:-) . I will let you know how it goes! Cheers! 🙂


  1. I love OPI!! I have a nail place across the street from my home. It's nothing just to walk over for my guilty pleasure. Hello from Three Peas in a Pod. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  2. Thanks for following us. We are following you back. Your blog is really cute. Your friends from the Tightwad Gazette-http://thetightwadgazette.blogspot.com


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