Happy Meal

Hi there! This post was meant to be shared a couple of weeks back, oh well, better late than never! ;-D I love Mc Donald’s Happy Meal, who doesn’t? Even Lisbeth Salander of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo finds sort of reclusive comfort in Happy Meals. Although, I just wish that they still come in a box here. Naturally, right after our movie date, thanks to the complimentary press tickets for the Ice Age 4 3D Screening, my son would want to get a hold of a Happy Meal toy asap! ;-D

Latest McDonald’s Happy Meal comes with the Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Toys.Β 
So Happy! ;-D Chase with his McDonald’s Happy Meal, which he bought via his own money, savings from his allowance. And he also walked with his Papa, my dad, to the nearest McDonald’s nearest us. It’s a few buildings away from us, anyhow. ;-D
And he gets these…Tandem Hyrax! ;-D I love, although a bit extraordinary, that he usually goes for the supporting casts. LoL* But I have to agree, these are uber cute, and they come in four. #TheMoreTheMerrier ;-D

About the movie, I needed to refresh my memory…oh wow, so Ice Age is now on its 4th installment? All for the love of the prized acorn! Anyhow, Chase had a great time, and he even recognized beforehand that the voice of Peaches is by Keke Palmer of True Jackson VP.

Thanks McDonald’s and EON for the press tickets! More power, and more Happy Meals to come! Cheers! ;-D

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