Review: The Brow Studio Design & Clean Up Express in SM Megamall

Hello! ^_^ Beautiful Sunday! I will not bore you on tales of my brow woes, but just so you know they can just really make or brake my confidence look. Anyhow, I finally found a go-to place for eye brow threading when in Manila. Remember that for the past 6 months, I usually go to Benefit Brow Bar but it’s a bit pricey, plus I see myself getting breakouts after. But basically, threading is relatively safer than waxing, since it’s a chemical free procedure. I just needed to find a right place to have my brows done. In terms of pain, waxing is relatively uneventful vs. threading. But threading just takes getting used to (I shed a tear or two, held my breath even), and it will be a walk in the park in time! Hah! ;-D

The Brow Studio 5th Floor, SM Megamall Bldg. A

For my first ever trip to the salon, a month after my last eye brow cleaning and grooming (and coming from my California trip), I initially asked for just clean-up, relatively more affordable at Php 188. But understandably, they’re used to working at a standard pattern or design, so they recommended a Brow Design, which is assessing, reshaping, and discovering the perfect arch for your facial features (Php 328). It’s still relatively more affordable than what I used to have, so I didn’t mind.

The Brow Studio Brow Technician at Work. Full house baby. I had to wait a bit. 
Such a cozy lounge chair. 
Top: Before Photo. Bottom: During the Brow Design Procedure. Fret not about the redness, it goes away in no time, about an hour for me. Sensitive skin and all plus in fairness, they had a lot to work on.  *LoL
My Designed Brows with Majolica Majorca DIY Brow Tints.

During the brow design, they had yet to perfect that ideal design and shape, I needed to grow some hair on a specific area. Three weeks after, I went back for the clean-up express. They’re almost there! ;-D

After Brows Clean-up Express and Upper Lip Threading. 

Overall, I love it! Fret not about the pain, it dissipates fast. *LoL It’s a chemical free procedure, except for some redness, no breakouts. It is required that you don’t wet the area for four hours, I oblige! And guess what? I even had my upper lips threaded. It’s the first, because I always use hair cream removers. And I had my share of irritations and burning, considering I have been doing it like forever so there was supposedly a degree of expertise. But promise, upper lip threading is the way to do it! It’s a bit painful (perhaps since it’s my first, and I didn’t know what to expect), but safer, and nicer! ;-D

Updated: I went back to the salon for the third time. This time, I had my brows done, upper and also lower lip threading. So addicting! *LoL

Staff are nice, and capable to create flattering eye brows. And they do the whole threading process fast, so it keeps the lingering suspense every time they pull uneventful. And the price is very right. So yes, The Brow Studio delivers! Cheers! ;-D 


  1. Tinitigan ko talaga yung pamumula nf after-threading pic mo. Hehe. I have my threading done every three weeks. I'm pretty lazy to do plucking. Some people kasi after threading, plucking for maintenance na lang. xD


  2. I think I really need to drop by there pretty soon. I dont know how to manage my ugly brows. At 28, I still havent perfected doing my brows. They will be a big help for sure.


  3. Hi! From my search, this store seems to have a good reputation for its threading and waxing services but has anyone or the author tried their IPL hair removal? I just canvased around SM Megamall and they're the cheapest at 392/session. Comments if any.Thanks


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