Raising a teenager…Thank God for Dramas | #ChicSassyMomxUSA

Annyeong! 🤗Oh my, so last week was pleasantly hectic, and then just like that, Chaseyboy is thirteen!!!😅Hello, my teenager! 🙄


You ought to know that I started this blog foremost because of Chaseyboy’s birthday parties , which I made it a life’s purpose to do so. Hah.

Chaseyboy’s birthdays through the years. 🎂

His last big party was on his 7th birthday, and we’re slowly transitioning to small, intimate parties with just family and friends. I always volunteers to host a party every time, though he always ends up saying not to throw him a party anymore and he just wants family time. Oh well, for his 13th birthday, until the very last minute, he cannot believe that I went full party mode with balloons and all. Hello! Except for the after-party clean up, it’s almost effortless to do DIY party here with Party City and Nothing Bundt Cake so close by.  So just like that, he’s a teenager! 🙄✌🏻I’m not ready.

Rare photo opportunity with him. He’s slightly smiling (vs. smirking) here because I compromised about something in exchange. Hah. 

I fondly look back and look forward on all our adventures and misadventures parenting Chaseyboy….never a dull moment. What I’m mighty joyful about Chaseyboy is that he’s kind, respectful and not vindictive. Also, we likened him to Shikamaru’s character (Shikamaru is a character in Naruto). Though we would naturally want him to be like Naruto, we feel that he’s more like Shikamaru where though everything feels like a drag at the onset, because he’s too cool and lazy to care, but still he gladly does everything. So he’s still our Naruto, believe it! 😉 As his mom, I always feel loved and needed. Please take note that “needed” is the operative word. Hah. I often do daily reminders for myself to be a cool mom, not to nag, and not to nag.  I might still do sound like a broken record player every night and every morning on what needs to be done. But oh well, I feel that I’m still within reason! Though now, oh my, we’re at the point that I need to nag to get him to stay still for a nice photo. 🙊(Here’s the disclaimer part on why I have so many selfies instead on my IG @chicsassymom . Am I too old for social media?! I refused to feel so. Hahaha. 💁🏻‍♀️) We’ve made it a point to be so involved in his school activities back home, but here in US of A, life happens, so we just nag monitor his grades, and so far, so good, or else he’ll just be grounded! Oh well, I pray for wisdom and grace to be a wiser parent… still rearing, not too authoritarian, not overly indulging, permissive but within reasons and still never really letting go (hello, eagle eyes!). Oh my…this truly sounds a lot of work! 🙉😅

Looking back, I was already commuting (riding jeepney and tricycle) in Grade 2. I spent time with friends after school and after club meetings. There were no cellphones back then. So it’s just really asking permission and being sincere to my word that I’ll be home at the agreed time. That was grade school and high school days in Pampanga (Philippines). When I went to college, I was on my own in Manila. I had childhood sweethearts when I was in Kindergarten, had suitors and crushes aplenty. It was possible because I was in a co-ed school all through out. The story was different with our son, he’s in an all-school boys the whole of his elementary, he had a driver and a yaya (helper) who went with him until he was in Grade 6, where I braved letting go of our driver and he had to take the school bus. And note that, we’re so involved in his school that all his teachers even the Principal were just a phone away. All for the love of security and safety. Hmmm…maybe, because he’s an only son. So all eyes on him. 🤔 So then, just like that, Chaseyboy turns teenager…I’m not prepared “not to be needed” anymore. It takes courage and a lot of trust and prayers to allow him to walk from school by himself, or to go out with friends (now I presume with girls), and now to ask to go to a theme park or to a fair with us just dropping him off. Ottoke!? Thank goodness for an app, which I learned from another parent, Life360. It’s basically a GPS tracker, works with us because I’m on IOS and he’s on an Android. So one day, when he asked permission to play soccer at the nearby school, I just had to make sure he knows how to cross the streets properly. 😂🤫

This my friends, my cinggu, happened just days after he turned 13. He feels that being a teenager (and now that he’s taller than me),  he’s old enough not to need mom to do things for himself. Oh well, the new operative work is “compromise”… give and take, privilege vs. responsibility. Moreso, it’s sincerely respecting and trusting each other over the discourse of the real life dramas. Thank goodness for my Chinese and Korean dramas, I’m sane surviving! Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻


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