Working Mommy FOTD: Majolica Majorca Lash King + Hera

Hello again. Oh yes, I still owe you that lengthy post of my big comeback to corporate employment. #SAHMNoMore …and then I do need some minor updating on my profile, pages, etc. Anyhow, I needed to do a bit of shopping for work outfits #CorporateChic ;-D, and found time in between too to update my makeup. While I went all out with complete eye makeup #TheWorks…eye shadows and all during my interview days, I went for more basic, au naturel a la Korean Drama Lead Star-esque FOTD’s all week long. No fancy eye makeup, instead more dramatic lashes, plus or minus finely lined eyes, and pinkish/reddish lip shades.  Long story short, here’s my usual work day FOTD (Face of the Day). ;-D

Japan’s Majolica Majorca Niceties in my makeup kit. Lash King BR666 (Php 795), Brow and Lash Colorist BR555 (Php 595), Customize Shadows in RD422 and BR784 from my not so recent MM’s hoarding. I’m thinking of using the shadow RD422 with its bright reddish pink shade as a makeshift blush, but the pigmentation is so great, that you really need to use just a litte and swipe the colors uber lightly. I’ll touch on it on a separate post.
Swatch. In as much as I have my share of woes in removing waterproof eye makeup, the new Majolica Majorca’s Lash King in Brown (BR666) is so irresistibly pretty. It’s easy to apply. Look at all those fibers for dramatic lengths and volume.
Majolica Majorca Lash King Product Description: The best-selling Lash King Mascara now comes in exquisite brown (BR666). For the longest, unrivaled lashes! Overwhelming legth, extra thickness, super lush. A perfect all-around mascara in new color! Credit: Source
Beautiful!!! Check out my before and after look. Please note that I didn’t use any eyelash curler, my dream eyelash curler is yet to come straight from Japan. LoL* Seriously, net of that dream eyelash curler, I usually ditch curling my lashes because my eyes get irritated easily, so I’m counting on the mascara to do the trick. And the Lash King delivers! Yay! ;-D 
More Before and After photo documentations, taken after a long day of malling. Love the staying power! ;-D DIY (Do it yourself) Brow Tinting, for the win! ;-D  Remember my recent to do list here. The Lash and Brow Colorist, is my ultimate DIY brow tinting must have. The brow colorist is easy to remove, although, it’s waterproof, and fast drying for that smudge-free application, I don’t take an extra step in removing the colors. The colors wash-off simultaneous along with my daily cleansing regimen. Mascara removal though is a different story. Thank goodness for my ever-reliable SkinFood Seaweed Waterproof Point Makeup Tissue Remover
Face: Innisfree Melting Foundation, SkinFood Sweet Potato Hydra Cushion Pact
Blush: Majolica Majorca Custom Shadow RD422.
Lips: SkinFood Black Bean Lip Liner No3 Peach Pink/ Hera Luminous Gloss Shade 103
Much Love. Can’t get enough. Doll Eyes. More dramatic eyes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. ;-D

So there you have it. It’s fast simple, and safe easy to don. I’m seriously addicted to the Brow and Lash Colorist, and the mascara too, definitely a keeper! #MustTry #MustBuy #MustHoard LoL* As per my lipstick/lip gloss shade, I’m up to play around more with my color choices for that varying dramatic effect. LoL* If I come up with something more elaborate, I’ll share asap. Cheers! ;-D


  1. I just noticed that your skin glows more on the second to the last pic. I’m soo envious that you are able to do brow tinting and you are good in it. I have tried that too but I’ve never been successful to look it that way, clean and just have the proper shape. I hope you are also able to do DIY brow tinting video in the near future.


  2. Hi Sis, I'm not yet into the whole v-logging! Di carry ng powers ko! LoL* But, thank you! I will try to do a blog post about it! The MM is a handy way to get brow tinting done in a jiffy! 🙂


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