New Korean Skincare Brands to Try: Dermal and Luesys

Annyeonghaseyo! Hello. Hello. It’s been a while…hmmm, busy me! Anyhow, fret not, I have a lot of exciting beauty posts coming right up. *Breathe! Here goes the first…I met with a friend and Mr. Kim, who’s an authentic Korean ahjussi, mind you, to check out some of their Korean beauty care products for sale here. Among the brands that I haven’t yet tried are Dermal and Luesys. They happily gifted me these to try. Yay! More Korean niceties for me. ;-D

Dermal is supposedly the No. 1 Selling Mask Pack in Japan with about 31 types. Wow! I have 3, more to try. Dermal Gold Collagen Mask, Q10 Collagen Essence Mask, Dermal Special Formula Absolute Whitening Pure Mask. 
Dermal Special Formula Absolute Whitening Pure Mask. I have 2 of these, tried one and I like it. ;-D Few more days, and another round with it before I do the review. Please stay tuned. Not to preempt, this is by far the thickest mask sheet ever. ;-D
Luesys is one of the beauty line of Altwell Korea, as per my research. The brand goes for a tag line…”My Skin Blooms as a Flower.” Hmmm…interesting! ;-D
Trial packs overload. I love. Luesys Herb Cleansing Cream and Foam. I’m using these for a couple of days now, looks promising, so far, so good. I’ll let you know. Luesys De Mela White Set (Skin, Lotion, Serum, and Cream). I’m not really into whitening line, but I’ll give this line a try asap. 

There you have it, more Korean brands to try. I’ll let you know for sure. I’m seriously stopping myself, at least until I tried more of the masks, to hoard from them. A Dermal mask pack sells for Php 45 ($1+), how nice!!! ;-D Check them out, like KPOP Collections (Cosmetics, Accessories, and Apparel) on Facebook. Mr. Kim is already an established e-Bay seller, even before recently setting up a local online store that is Philippine-based, with my friend, Mommy Hazel, as a business partner. So you’re in good hands. And yes, the more Korean brands, the merrier. Cheers! ;-D

Have you tried any of the 31+ Dermal Mask Pack variants? Please do share.

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  1. I am also getting addicted to Korean brands. The product that I tried lately, which I have also ordered online is Happy Bath facial essences. I am not sure what's with Korean products that they are the \”in-thing\” nowadays here in the Philippines. Or is it just that they complement our skin so well? Based from your post, I think I should contact Mr. Kim also soon 🙂


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