My Week: Highlight & Lowlight

Hello. Hello. I’m here. There’s some major happenings in my life, as in! I’ve been out and about celebrating successes, job hunting, getting myself a life insurance, attending media events,  Korean Cosmetics shopping, and/or majorly fighting my way up to some bad and ugly circumstances along the way…oh well, c’est la vie! The bad are hospital, emergency, and ICU visits. I will not dwell on these, greatest takeaway in all of these, to be always grateful…come what may. I pray not to falter.

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Oh well! I’m saying a bright and sunny H.E.L.L.O. to Monday! Cheers! ;-D #PositiveVibes 


  1. *hugs*I am glad you have a positive attitude towards life despite the obstacles you encounter. That's not easy at all but it's good to know you're doing your best. It's amazing. 🙂 Sending you smiles and hugs.- Clair


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