My Korean Fix at Cheongwadae Restaurant ♨

Beef Woo Samgyup is a thinly sliced beef brisket! ;-D

You’d know by now that I’m obsessed with everything Korean…the drama, the skin care brands, and the food. ✌ I just pulled another all nighter watching Lie to Me, and just adores bathing my skin with different Korean brands. In effect, I’ve been missing my regular lunch escapades with my friend, which usually is an opportune time to indulge on trying out new cuisines and restaurants in Angeles City. It seemed better to go on a spontaneous trip rather than methodically plotting it out, in the end, the probability that it will push through is higher. So finally, after almost months, we set out to look for our lunch place.

Heads up, this post will be picture heavy. ;-D

Korean Restaurants, Shops, and Groceries line up the Korea Town along Friendship Highway, Angeles City. I love. ;-D

But I needed my Korean food fix so badly, so when we passed by the Korea Town, it’s been decided, that we’re having Korean for lunch. ;-D

Cheongwadae Korean Restaurant, Angeles City. ;-D

I remembered that this is supposedly the high-end version of Single Bungle. It’s owned by the same Korean family. I love Single Bungle, I got my regular fix of Korean food from there. But I’m not too happy with the service anymore. When I learned from a friend that the side dishes are the same, then I know for sure that we had to try this out.

Fun Fact: Cheongwadae is called The Blue House, and is the official residence of the South Korean Head of State. 😀

Happiness :-D… the dining area reminded me of Jang Ga Nae in Ortigas Center! Love the cozy private dining area that creates a feel of sitting on the floor while eating…Korea Style! ;-D

Our lunch awaits us…

Meet my food trip buddy, Tonipet. ;-D
Complimentary Korean Side dishes…one of which is Kimchi, of course! ;-D
Signature Side Dish Extraordinaire…Buchu (Garlic Chives) in unparalled vinaigrette sauce! ;-D

Their vinaigrette sauce is really something. We tried several times to make our own. I guess they used Korean soy sauce that’s why we never get it right. Buchu looks like onion chives, but is actually garlic chives. The buchu leaves don’t have after taste and even appears to be unscented, unlike onion chives. I dipped almost everything in the sauce, including my lettuce wraps.

Doenjang JJigae is a Korean Soybean Paste Soup…delightfully hot & spicy! ;-D
Beef WooSumgyap is thinly sliced beef sirloin (bacon sliced) Php 350/order. ;-D 

We usually get the Samgyeopsal, but this seems to be a better variation of our Korean grill fix because it cooks faster, and is tastier. ;-D

I love that they used Romaine Lettuce. ;-D
We had the garlic fried with the meat, to be added with the gochujang or ssamjang,  to make lettuce wraps.
Bulgogi Php 300/order ;-D… their bulgogi is different but equally tasty. It has carrots, and glass noodles (used for Japchae) ;-D

If you’re used to eating lettuce wraps with sesame oil with pepper and salt, you can actually request it. And you can also ask what other gochujang (fermented hot pepper paste) variants they have. It’s a dipping or condiment that makes eating Korean Grill different from other cuisines. ;-D You can ask if they have the spicy, the sweeter version, etc. But on our DIY lettuce wraps, we love using ssamjang.

To make lettuce wrap, just dip your meat in the condiment, place it in a lettuce (while holding it in you hand), add rice if you like, then add the garlic. Roll it, and eat  it. Enjoy! ;-D What makes the experience better here (Cheongwadae) and in Single Bungle, is that you can dip the meat or even the wrap it the Buchu vinaigrette sauce.  Saranghaeyo! ;-D

We also checked out Ken Spa above it. The rates of their services are your average spa rates. I’m just curious, if their spa would be like that of in the dramas. If there’s a wooden floor common area. There’s none!✌ It’s just your usual spa. ;-D 

Cheongwadae is located along Korea Town, Friendship Highway, Angeles City.


  1. I worked there last year.. ^_^I started at single bungle then they transfered me in cheong wa dae and the waitress whose in the picture, they transfered in single bungle.. in other words, pinag palit kami.. Masarap ang Foods dian, ang Main Dishes is ung Pork Marinated and Beef Marinated.. nkalimutan ko na ung name pero ung sa pork is Deaji Galbi… yan ang best seller dian.. ^_^


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