SALE! Time to Accessorize!

Accessorize on SALE 😀

Since it’s payday and Transformers 3 weekend, it’s no surprise that Marquee mall is jam-packed! Since we’re done with Transformers 3 during the opening night, we’re just really there to window shop. And then I saw the sign! ;-D

Accessorize Layered 10 pc. Bead Bracelets at 50% off now at Php 300 😀

Learning from my previous Accessorize Sale haul, it might be that few weeks from now, they’ll eventually do the 70% off (I wish!:-D), so I just made sure to get the item that I really want or just the items which have limited quantities available. I got the layered elastic bead bracelets. I have a black and white set, a blue and white set, so a brown earthy color set would be nice to have. 😀

I  ❤ layering accessories! ;-D

I’m foregoing necklace, rings, and bracelets, which have a base metal material especially the copper plated. I noticed that they oxidize ☹ faster, even if you rarely use them. So I’m sticking with the bead collections, which I can easily mix and match with my other bracelets. 😀


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