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Why I blog? 💫 #Random

Hello, Monday! 🤗 I was inspired to be productive with the uplifting blends of eucalyptus, lavender and cinnamon in the air.

Setting the mood to ponder. 🤔

I was initially planning to do a belated post about my Coldplay concert experience last year, because of yesterday’s Superbowl halftime craze albeit mostly negative (why the negativity, people), and Coldplay’s 2016 performance came up (yes, also negative), this got me thinking, why oh why. I mean seeing Coldplay last time is a big check off my bucket list. I can’t seem to get enough of them, I will do it again in a heartbeat. Oh well, to each his own. Life happens. We all have a different million reasons to love, or to hate. I choose love. Hahaha Now please bear with me, this is serious. Admittedly, I have more time to blog now than five years ago. When I started 2010-2011, it was a full blown blog about my son, about motherhood and his birthday parties. I was a SAHM back then, I rarely had shopping outings, so no selfies, outfit and makeup of the day posts. Then I went back to corporate, so many travels, shoppings, but I was stressed out. I can’t talk about work, and I chose not to share negativity and real life dramas. Plus, my son grew up, and he doesn’t like me taking his photos anymore. This blog became a lifestyle blog…just me, myself and I. But there’s no really strong topic that keeps readers coming back everyday, like how I do with Dramabeans (website that feeds my Korean Drama addiction). I’m so-so at everything. I can’t even do exciting selfies. Hahaha, so my husband had to ask me just when will I stop it.  Yesterday, I said neverrrrr. Today, hmmmm, I’m thinking. Maybe, not until dot dot dot and if only dot dot dot. 😅

Worse, while I’m addicted to Korean Dramas but admittedly, I’m too old for it. I can’t be fangirling all the time. So I can’t devote a blog about dramas all the time. I can do skincare, but not makeup and outfit posts, because I’ll be trying too hard. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I call myself Chic & Sassy Mom but I rarely do mommy post anymore. With God’s grace, while I give ourselves a pat in the back of raising such a responsible and sweet Chaseyboy, he has a life of his own now. His weekends are his “me time”. Seriously, I’m mostly left alone now, I have too many “me” time. There are real life drama unfolding that will take me sometime to talk about freely. The Dear Diary post I wrote in 2012, those challenges are still everrr present. Seriously, I’m feeding my family ramyuns and microwaveable especially here in California, where instant food are bountiful!!! 😱 So my husband intervenes so he does mostly the cooking. 😔

So I post about my favorite things, which I decided to call #ChicSassyMomFinds, but at the onset, I sound so capricious and self-absorbed, don’t I? 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m not an established blogger as I hope to be in the Philippines though I can say I started earlier, but when blogging became a big thing that made people do it full time for a living, I was already settled in the corporate world. Though, maybe, if only it was economically possible for us back then, I will choose to blog. Because I love, love, love writing. But I’m always lacking somehow, someway. So I’ll never know if I’ll be really good at it. Corporate for me is what I do best, methinks. It seems it will always be safe choice.

Admittedly, I’m only human, so I want some performance and engagement on my blog. If there’s a chance to monetize my blog, why not. I’m guilty of getting affected with Alexa ranking, page visits, and those other metrics such that today I checked the webmaster tools, and Google has a new Search Indexing process, and about 200 of my blog posts are not indexed. I did spend sometime submitting them but I had to go through with a lot of Captcha verifications. So this got me thinking, really, do I  care that they are not indexed or there are lesser likes on my Instagram post(@chicsassymom)? The sad reality is I’m proud, I feel entitled, and that’s very, very bad, and admitting that out loud, I’m sincerely sorry for it and I don’t want to anymore. So here’s what I thought. I don’t really care!! So I thought I will still sincerely write my thoughts (still I choose to spread love and positivity haha, I rarely rant, it saves me from gossiping needlessly and I don’t want negativity to linger). Then I go back to my first ever reason for writing, not to be idle, I need to use my brain. Sharpening the saw. Hah. On the bigger of scheme of things, I will speak my mind, I will channel my overwhelming energy and desire to fangirl in my blog post. More importantly, blogging is my way of paying it forward for everyone out there who took time to write about something that made googling “how to”, “what is”, “where is”, “how much is”, etc. worth it and continue to be sort of experts to life. Then maybe, just maybe, someone reads about it too. Regardless, I love Coldplay and Chris Martin (hahaha back to Coldplay again), I choose Zen. 😇 I will not worry about the things that I cannot change. Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers!✨

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