Party Planning Time

Hello again. By the way, another happening that’s keeping me busy and excited is my son’s upcoming 7th birthday. Compare to my son’s 1st birthday, I only have about 2.5 months to plan it. We’re undecided early on, and we initially settle for an out of the country trip and a shopping spree at a Toy Store. It’s just that the big move here in Manila, with our living expenses ballooning vs. before, we couldn’t really decide. But hey, first order of business after getting back to corporate employment is to go into another party planning soiree. I will work for it! ;-D

After much arguing and debates ย deliberation, due to Chase’s insisten public request, we’ll have a camouflage theme party. This time, I won’t have as much time to d.i.y. ย Most were sourced from Party City. I’ll show you as soon as our box arrives. ;-Dย Sadly, after going through several party planning and execution, you think I might be getting better every time, but I feel that I want to be not time-pressured for this big day. LoL* So I’ll rely on party suppliers this time.ย 

But please help me, I’m torn between being practical (cozy and family affair) and capricious…should I or shouldn’t I spend for balloon packages more than Php 10K? In fairness, with several balloon and party companies to choose from, the rate is fairly within that range, vs. years ago’s Php 50K and up. It’s just that hubby is very, very, very practical, so he’s set on shelling out a specific budget, and as always, everything over it, is mine to shoulder! Oh well. I need to work, save, and save! LoL* I’m still undecided among three suppliers though. Any thoughts, recommendations, and since I don’t have my exact inventories of the balloons and decors coming from the US, I can’t negotiate yet for a discounted price.

I have a venue and caterer in mind, I’ll spill it out as soon as I secure the slot. ;-D For the hosting, this is a priority for me, because the host can actually make or break the moment, I already sent inquiries on my prospects, I hope to secure some confirmation first. Anyhow, I have a friend who’s doing it, but she’s based in Angeles City, I’m not sure if she’s up for a trip.

So yes, I’m open to suggestions. Believe me, I’ve been going through most blogs, forums, and links that point to these words #birthday party ideas, #balloon packages in Ortigas, #best party host, #best balloon artist, etc. ;-Dย 


  1. Party planning is crazy, noh? But crazy fun. :)Yue's turning seven in three years' time. This early we already have a theme in mind, hopefully he'll still agree to it by the time comes. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Whhaaatt? 10K for balloons? I almost popped my eyes out! lols. If you know someone who can arrange the balloons for you (if you are doing the party here in Angeles City, I can recommend one that's really good) depending on your preference, then you can just buy balloons at 168 mall (im not sure if you are familiar with the place) or online sites that sell party stuff. That would be a lot of savings on your part. And yes, sad to say but I must agree with your hubby this time in terms of practicality.


  3. I would like to recommend my cousin in law, Joy Carrillo, they are husband and wife tandem running their events for 3 years now and very hands on. They have really affordable packages (they helped me with some wedding preps in 2009) here's her FB account you can add her and tell her you got her info from Icar (ask for discount!)lol https://www.facebook.com/joy.carrillo.94 to request a quote then here's their Multiply page, I don't know if it's updated but you can take a look at the photos for previous events they have hosted. http://jccevents.multiply.com/


  4. Chase is turning already? Wow, time flies so fast. I guess it's about time for Chase to have a baby sister or baby brother…hehehe.Advance happy birthday to one of the most pogi boy I know…Chase! God Bless You!


  5. I hope you were are half-done with Chase's bday preparation. If you need something else, maybe you can also make a post about it and your friendly readers like me can share something about it ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hi. if somewhere in Ortigas would be an option for you to have a party, I recommend the Prestige Tower as they have a beautiful and spacious place on the rooftop.If you allow them to cater your food, which I have tried already and they're delicious, 25thou worth of catered food would mean FREE use of venue… try visiting the place you won't regret it… It's the gold building in Ortigas..


  7. Dear All, thank you! :)) I am just waiting for my boxful of party goodies! I will share asap! Just finalizing details!@Momsykulitz18: That's the initial plan! :)) Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have secured the date, although need to do the dp to seal the deal, just need to finalize some details. :)) Thanks!


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