S&R Shopping Everyday

Everyday is a bit over, maybe every other day, or every other two days. *LoL It’s fairly recent that we found ourselves addicted to S&R… moving to Manila makes Clark Duty Free Shopping something to be thoroughly missed, so we found ourselves applying for membership at S&R BGC. And then we find ourselves loving the food from the food service plus the bakery, so much so that hubby had to get a extension card with added fees of course, so he can visit there as much as he please during work days and get our refills of baked goodies. So is the membership fee of Php 700 (+ Php 400 for the extension) worth it? I guess so. ^_*

S&R at Bonifacio Global City. The Food Service/Restaurant was jampacked during the Mother’s Day weekend. 
S&R Bonifacio Global City Shopping Area
S&R San Fernando Pampanga Dining and Shopping Area. The dining area here is bigger and more organized. I find that there are more lines and brands available in the toiletry section in S&R Pampanga than the S&R BGC’s. Pricing here is relatively almost competitive with Clark’s duty free shops. 
SALE finds. We bought a couple of pack of these Keebler Soft Batch Choco Chip  (Sale Price Php 99/ Expiring July 2012) in S&R BGC, as expected days after when we went back, it’s OOS (out of stock). So when I visited last time in Pampanga, I bought 6 packs. We finished the first pack before I took the photo, haha. ;-D I wasn’t a fan of this Keebler Soft Batch at first, we’re more the Chocolate Lovers kind, but after trying them warm (in the microwave), the Soft Batch Cookies are love, love, love. Chase, my 6-yr old son, adores these much. 
The fresh section offers a variety of fruit choices as well. Take the Driscoll’s strawberries which Chase picked. 
Strawberry Love…it’s huge! ;-D Oh my, a pack of Driscoll’s sells for Php 400+, it was a treat for Chase. 
Lemon Berry Ring Cake is our favorite from all others, we tried the Apple Berry, the Rum Cake, but we like this the most. 
The Chicken Ceasar Salad Php 160+ available at the Food Service. I adore this much. ;-D
And my other favorite part, shopping for home care and hair care products…Downy, Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner with Argan Oil, Ajax Liquid Bleach Detergent.  

S&R is perhaps our version of Costco Warehouse Shopping. There are a lot of product samplings and demos in store, so it gets pretty fun. Although, most are sold in big/wholesale sizes, so if you’re in the mood to stack up, this is a good way. Local products are priced about the same in the local supermarkets, except you have to buy in packs of two’s, three’s etc. And the lines are not complete. But the basic and the fast-moving SKU’s are available. Surprisingly, some items (e.g. Dentiste Toothpaste) is sold cheaper here for Php 220+ vs. supermarket’s Php 250+. The best part is the SALE Promotions, and they’re such great finds too, take the cookies for example, the expiration date is still a couple of months away, vs. the usual days or week/s. So most are still good finds. Sometimes, they put a product on discounts, such that it’s almost the same as US selling price. Although Costco Shopping remains the undisputed haven for retail therapy because of coupons, and hefty discounts on some selected promoted items and on wholesale packs, but since Costco or duty free shopping is a couple of miles away plus a hundred/thousand pesos flight away, I’m happy with S&R. LoL* But mind you,  the food selections, although limited, are actually compelling enough to visit S&R. ;-D…super looking forward and saving for next big S&R sale. Cheers! ;-D 


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