Review: Kanebo Kate Pencil Eyeliner + FOTD

Hello. Hello. I’m back. I’ll kick it off with a beauty post. Yay!  Not to preempt but, my, my, I have to say that the Kanebo Kate is most definitely my go-to pencil eyeliner. ;-D

Kanebo Kate Pencil Eyeliner BK-1 sells for Php 720 at SM Megamall Watsons Counter
Product Feature: An Eyeliner Pencil that works like a liquid eyeliner. Source: Official Kate Website
It is an automatic eyeliner pencil. Unlike a retractable eyeliner, once you twist it up (click, click), that’s it. You can’t pull it back down, so you have to be careful on turning, so as not too twist it too far. 2 or 3 clicks can do the trick, depending on how thin or thick you want the line to be. Since you have to work on it sideways, I reckon to just go for 2-3 clicks, then extend it some more as I go along. 
Swatch. The pigment, the velvety finish, and the lasting power are superb.  
Staying Power…for the win! (That’s a big drop of water!) After several painstaking rubbing, which in fact left my arm red with that much effort exerted to test it out,  it can stay smudge-free and can survive usual eye rubbing and scratching. I consciously make an effort to avoid doing so, or else Hello Wrinkles! Similarly, it takes some effort to remove it too. My regular facial wash won’t do, to hasten the process, a make-up remover  (or wipes) would do the trick, although it need not be the strongest kind. 
The “thick”-because-I’m-in-a-hurry line. *LoL with some shimmers from the Skin Food Byulsatang Lip and Eye Tint.
The ‘thinner’ line. Base: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Vegan Palette URB/ Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette VANILLA/ Mascara: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Eyeliner: Kanebo Kate Pencil Eyeliner. I have more FOTD’s with it after my MUD-Manila makeup class, I’d made sure to practice, practice, practice ;-D P.S. Photo taken after a very long day. So I don’t look as fresh. But the eye makeup still looks great, methinks. ;-D
#Instagram FOTD: Face: Hera HD Foundation Moist No 21/ Lips: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex over NYX Edge Pink Lip Liner

What’s to love?

  • The pigment and the lasting power exude a liquid-type overall effect.
  • The thin, pointy pencil type allows for a firm and precise grip for that easier application. It’s thinner than your average pencil eye liners.
  • With minimal ‘erasures’ per se, means less rubbing = 0/Less Irritations

Overall, applying eyeliner every so often can still be an ordeal for me, although, it’s my must have for that everyday, and my much coveted a la Korean Drama Star-esque effect. I’ve some great liquid eyeliners finds, but still, a pencil-type is still the quickest way for me to achieve the look. I’m on a look out for a superb pigment, lasting power, and versatility to draw thin and thick lines. After trying out Kanebo Kate’s eyeliner lines, this type suited me best. It allows for precise eye lining application, so yes, it’s an innovative eye pencil liner, indeed. At first, I was hesitant, because it’s not retractable per se, but fret not, the clicking sounds from twisting and turning tell on that it requires conscious effort just how far back to extend it. More often than not, I like to work with a sizable ‘pencil’, so I usually turn it a few more after my initial lining. And then I do it again for the next eye. Will I repurchase? Definitely. I have a friend who’s going to Japan for a visit this June, I plan to try a lot more. ;-D Although it seemed the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) is just about Php 50+ lesser in Japan (I wonder), so if there’s a sale at the Watsons, it’s more compelling to buy locally instead. So could this be my Holy Grail of Pencil Eyeliners? Oh yes, most definitely!


  1. awwww Kate is just pure love for me right now ;-)less frilly than MM but with the same awesome quality ;-)hehehe but then i've always liked the underdog ^_^


  2. @Gellie: Awww…go! :)) Love this much. @Kikay Trekkie: I saw your ravings nga din. Hopefully, I'll try the other lines na soon. 🙂 Thanks. @Peachy Pink Sisters: True! MM for the mascara! Can't wait to try more Kate Kanebo's. :))


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