Parenting a Teenager Chaseyboy #Mommy Jitters

Annyeong, friends! πŸ€— Oh my, now I have a realization on why November is noted endearingly as Sweet November. It’s because we’re coming from Halloween, where we have chocolates, candies and treats to last us the whole year through. Oops. πŸ˜…Anyhow, last night’s Halloween was kind of dramatic. Hah.

Me: Trying hard copy cat 😽

Last time, I shared about my initial thoughts and struggle on now raising a teenager Chaseyboy.Β I feel like he does take it by heart, as every so often, he refers to such phrase “I’m now a teenager” just to argue his ways with me. Yesterday was no exception. I’ve been asking him days before if he will do trick or treating this year, I would love him to do that, as I’m such a kid at heart and I’m enjoying the halloween festivities in California. Unfortunately, I didn’t write about our first ever Halloween here in the California last 2017, but oh my, I have to say, it’s the happiest time everrrr, more than Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve combined. So remember we moved to California sometime ago, I feel like my son and my hubby are adjusting better with the life here, while I’m still struggling and these series of episodes with my son further adds to the drama.

Going back, yesterday he decided he will do trick or treat with just his friends. Unlike many halloween parties ago, he decided last minute that he just wanted a mask. So I did a last minute trip at Party City, after standing in line for almost an hour (okay, maybe just like 30 minutes) with only one counter open and so many of us, I got him a mask. Not his first choice, but what can I do, it was so last minute. (and yes, I got myself a head band 😸) I was left behindΒ did not go. I just took him to his friend’s place, and he walked home before 8pm, because he said I was incessantly nagging him anyway. I asked him if he wanted to do another round at the neighbourhood with mom, he flatly refused. Oh well.

Hmmmm. I shouldn’t be altogether surprise with how things are changing now that he’s growing up, I hear varying stories here and there with my mommy friends about their woes. I trust with a certain level of confidence that he has good foundations with him given a solid formative years with a good balance of discipline and permissiveness. I’m just surprised with the change. I feel that there is a heightened allergic reaction to me. Then I look back at my friends back home, with their sons going to LSGH who are actively part of LSPAΒ (parents’ association of school), I feel and see that they have stronger bonds with their sons from then to middle school even to high school. Call me petty, but when I see pictures with sons (unfortunately for you, our dear sons), it’s a good sign that moms didn’t back out and we successfully held our ground. Hah. Technically, they do spend more time in school so I feel that the everyday presence of parents in school activities foster a stronger relationship and a status quo that it’s okay, it’s just mom and/or dad, where everyone is a “Tita or Tito of Manila”. Parents are so involved and engaged.Β  That changed here. I have no basis to say on what’s the PTA like here since I haven’t attended any meeting or gathering, yet nor did a face-to-face discussion with a teacher about my son’s grades or attitude. Oh well, this might just be an episode. Will see! But this ChicSassyMom is not going anywhere, so here’s to a lifetime of adventures and misadventures of parenting. I pray for discernment. Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

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