Kawisori Korean Hair Salon Ortigas | Fave Place

Annyeong! ^_^

21st visit after, here’s my rave review of Kawisori Salon.

Teehee, my boys have to concur, Korean Salon is the place to be. So happy to found such salon so close to home that we fell in love with.

Kawisori Korean Hair Salon Ortigas Center
Bonus time. Free haircut on the 21st visit. Ye, you can tell, my boys love Kawisori to bits. 

Of the 20 so visits, mine accounts for only a visit. You ought to know I don’t do haircut lately (Rapunzel, is it you?) since I like to keep it long and in a Ms. Universe bun. Oh well, but before my Seoul trip, I had it trimmed and styled. Nice-h! ^_^

Me, myself, and I. It’s still straight (wavy) and layered, but got it styled after the haircut. That is why I love Korean hair salons, they do the best styling after the haircut. Read more of my #OOTD and #FOTD in Seoul.   
Meet Sharon. She’s an awesome Korean Hairstylist (she does everything in the salon), plus she speaks English. Make sure to book ahead. The place can be jam-packed, and it’s closed every Thursday. 
Busy, busy place. Is it a good day to get a perm? Sharon is all over the place, perming, cutting, styling. Name it, she does everything. Daebak! ^_^ Reminds me of a Korean Drama scene filled with ahjussis and ahjumonis oppas and agasshis. 
Sorry for the photo quality, will get a better one next time. Women’s Hair cut goes for Php 500, and Men’s at Php 400. 

Here’s our Chaseyboy…

First photo (L) is the before. He has another after photo with the same before reaction. *Teehee Aissh, I swear, it’s so hard to take his picture lately! #MommyBloggerWoes 

Choose your fave Korean stars’ hairstyle for a peg or inspiration. So whose style is it this time? I lost track already. Haha.

We love Kawisori, you can tell, right?

Kawisori Hair Salon in Ortigas is located at 8137 Plaza‎. St. Josemaria Escriva Drive (same compound as Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant). 

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