💉Stressing over my PPD Test | #ChicSassyMomxUSA

I’m such a worrywart. 🙊So sorry, my goodness, I’ve been losing sleep over the PPD Test for a pre-employment requirement here in California. It’s the same story last time when I moved to another company back in Manila though that time it was because of my blood pressure, which went unusually berserk. Weird, it seems I’m scared of electronic blood pressure monitor. 😅 It was all in vain anyhow. Here in California, the pre-employment medical exam coverage required by the company I’ll be joining (yassss, I made it!) is not as extensive as we had back in Manila, and that’s great news because this time I’ve been told it will be for my personal account. I’m asked for a medical clearance/fit-to-work advise and PPD Test or Chest X-ray. In Manila, I don’t ever remember getting a PPD Test, though I’ve been told, I had one done a loooong time ago just because I don’t have the usual BCG vaccine scar. What we normally get in the Philippines, both for the pre-employment medical and the annual physical exam is the Chest X-ray. When I mentioned it to the doctor here, she made sure to ask was it because I tested positive, but it’s most definitely not! I guess it’s easier back home to just go right away to the X-Ray...hello, radiation! Plus, the BCG vaccine, which is given to everyone in the Philippines at birth, risks giving false positive results albeit given after x no. of years already, though it is still depends on several other factors. Knowing that, I’m all the more worrying needlessly. I swear, I’m sooo bad, I kept on checking it every so often, literally losing sleep over it until the D-Day.

Well, let’s call it a PPD Test time lapse. 🙈 There was basically nothing before the 24-hr mark. It’s just that tiny red dot. Then last night, maybe on it’s 36-hr mark, I noticed a small circle growing, which from research is erythema. I was so scared. 🙉

Can’t 2:15 pm come any sooner?!

Safe. Negative. 🙅🏻‍♀️ 

Yassss! Thank you, God! There’s no induration, which is a scar or swelling or hardened mass formation. It’s just my usual human, doubtful, unfaithful self worrying over stuff. So far so good, back to regular programming, except that I need to do it all over again after two-three weeks as the company wants to do a 2-Step PPD test. OMO.🙊Meantime, oh happy day! I can now go back to enjoying my Korean and Chinese Dramas until then (will keep this posted). I’m already super sleepy though. Oh well, let’s do this! Aja! Cheers! ✌🏻

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