♻ Alter Space for a Greener Earth ❀

“It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.”— Jimmy Carter

Chase, my 5 year old son, thrilled to be a part of a fish pond harvest! 😀
The Scenic walk to the Pond! 😀
Mr. Little Foreman! Eagerly watching the ongoing harvest! 😀
My Little Fisherboy! 😀 Chase getting cozy (or not) with the prawn! ✌

I grew up with my parents’ constant reminders that the only treasure they can leave us is a quality education. I have cherished this greatest treasure ever since. We are also committed in nurturing education to my son. But today more than ever, a greater calling to us as educators is the need to teach our children to be steward of nature’s gifts as well. A Greener Earth is our greatest legacy and inheritance to our children. It’s what should compels us foremost to work together to save the environment. 

My son’s heart flutters to the beauty of nature, and then feels saddened on a death of a fish! 

A nature trip to a family fish pond in Altavas, and Boracay is something to look forward every time. However, the Global Warming is sadly taking its toll both on the harvest, and on the supposedly pristine white sand and clear waters… 😦

The Rainy Summer turned the crystal clear Boracay water to an algae haven! 😦 My son used to love taking a dip on the beach, but this time around, he settled for playing sand. 
My son is very much aware of what’s happening, he watches earnestly on the unfolding disasters in here and around the world. I don’t want to raise him in fear, so I’m nurturing a positive attitude that through prayers, and responsible deeds, we can still do something to make the world a better place. And it’s very timely to engage him to take part in working for a Greener Earth. An educational and at the same time fun way to introduce to him this concept is through Alter Space.

Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness Game on Facebook. The game showcases simple, but oftentimes forgotten and even considered trivial, concepts and activities to build an eco-friendly world. My son being the shopping junkie (like me :-P) wanted to level up as fast as we could, so we can upgrade our appliances. While I walk him through the rules, and the responsibility in keeping the carbon footprints within a safe level, or suffer the consequences of not leveling up, or paying up currencies. It’s time to work together for a Greener Earth…

We are on Level 5! 😀 Much like reality, the cost of modernization takes its toll on environment, but we can do something about it if we do things responsibly and prudently.
  • Water Conservation
    • Teach our children to turn off faucets tightly when not it use. 
    • Teach them to use a glass when brushing teeth, and not to let the faucet run. 
    • Bathing Time is not a playtime both for safety and conserving water.
    • When on vacation, lead the way in reusing towels, by hanging them to dry properly. 
    • When washing hands, don’t let the water run while lathering.
Greener Earth Reminders are posted on hotel rooms. 

Re-use Hotel Towels. Hang them to dry accordingly. 
We change bed linens at home at the average, weekly. What’s suddenly the deal on changing linens daily when on hotels?! Help conserve water. 😀
  • Proper Waste Management
    • Introduce the 3 R’s to our children …Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! 😀 
    • Minimize thrash! Don’t over buy! Buy only what you need and can consume!
    • Use toilet papers and paper towels prudently. 
    • Teach them to share things that they won’t be using and needing anymore. Hand down toys, old clothes, and other items to others. Yard Sale can be fun, and an efficient way to encourage reusing & recycling!
    • Segregate garbage accordingly.
Hmm…that sign totally kills the scenic view! But sadly, it seems those hints are not enough, we need those big & flashing signs to remind us! 
Smoke Responsibly! Support Clean Air drives! 😀
An almost scenic spot, if not for that flashy reminder! But sadly, it seems we need more of those before we finally take the hint! It’s time we make a habit of doing things the environmentally friendly way! 😀
  • Energy and Electricity Conservation
    Conserve Energy and reap the rewards that it has to offer! 😀 In the Alter Space game, it’s earning currency for spending! 😀
    • Turn off electric appliances when not in use (TV, electric fans, lights etc.) Be a Switch Chaser! 😀
    • Don’t play a hand held video game or computer while supposedly watching television at the same time.
    • Don’t overcharge gadgets. Unplug chargers after use. 
    • Refrigerators is not a toy! For safety and conserving energy, supervise our children on accessing the refrigerators.
    • Take a break from electric and indoor playthings, let our children enjoy outdoor play! 😀
Outdoor Play benefits our children in a lot of ways. It’s also an environmentally friendly source of recreations fun, & exercise. 😀 

The Alter Space espouses fun and innovative ways to build an eco-friendly world by showcasing tips on conserving energy and lowering carbon emissions! 😀 It prompts players to make wise and even life changing (in the game’s context, level changing) decisions, that can either reward you or penalize you. For the adults, let the games and flashy signposts serves as refresher and reminders. For our children, it’s an opportune way to bring this worldwide concern at their level of understanding and attention. In everything, we need to walk the talk to our children. So let’s play Alter Space, for a Greener Earth! 😀 


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