SM Pampanga is Trending on Twitter

Why? Because Young male ‘lovers’ critical in SM Pampanga shooting. Oh my! This is so close to home!

Latest update says both dies. Sad…

Condolences to their bereaved families, and friends.

Image Source: Google Image, c/o Bandila Screen Cap
Artist’ Sketch of the event.

Shooter commits suicide.ย 

Gun used.ย 
Suicide Note.

Image Source: My Screen Caps from the YouTube Video of Aksyon TV uploaded byย eckoviscon.ย 


  1. It's really sad and at the same time scary….first, they're just minors! Minors carrying guns are just plain scary…As for the security guards, they should be really strict and pay more attention to people entering the malls. They even have their detectors, incident like this could have been avoided. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I was shocked to hear this news. I frequent SM Pampanga when I go home to my parents. In fact I just went there last Saturday. Now my parents are warning us to stay away from malls because it seems that this is the 'in' place for such crimes. Haaay.. Very sad that these teenagers can already do such thing.


  3. Local radios are talking about the event the whole day. I feel sad how Pampanga is being dragged by this sad event. Today, I went to SM Clark, and other local malls, now guards are expecting the bags really well.


  4. this is so scary and sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and i hope the checking bags thing will be improved because i find it pointless too, bubuksan bag ko di naman nakatingin un mall guard, i really pray something like this will never happen again


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