Loving Easter 2013

My belated Easter greetings to everyone! ^_^ Thank goodness for the long weekend, I needed that (don’t we all?! ;-D), because as my son pointed out (begrudgingly), I have a job that don’t have a summer vacation! Hah. Oh well. Anyhow, Easter was one fine day indeed! We heard mass at SM Megamall Chapel. And we had a lot of fun… (Ahem! Shopping!) ;-D

Easter Party at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Chase didn’t go with us in the morning, by his choice! No egg hunting for him this time around.Ā 
Retail Therapy. His and Hers. Samsung LED TV for him. Apple iPad mini for me. Ā More Samsung TV’s for us…We love the power of Samsung All Share, we needed one for our room. And of course, more Apple for me! Ā I have a super nice matching case with my iPhone, I’ll show you next time! ;-D
Buffet lunch at Trattoria Gourmet Restaurant in Shangri-la Mall.Ā 
Desserts at J.Co Donuts SM Megamall in the afternoon with Chase. Oh my goodness, I actually didn’t brave the line, it’s too much! I remembered going there earlier last year, it’s not that bad, but now, seriously. So we got the J.PoPs Baby Donuts instead for Php 250 a box of 24 pcs., which you can pay at the drinks counter.Ā 
More treats…See’s Chick Box with Assorted Chocolates. Sweet! ;-DĀ 
Have a wonderful Easter time! Cheers! ;-DĀ 


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