To Do List: Eyebrow Tinting

Hello there. I missed doing beauty-related post, oh well, I’m lazy dilly dallying on documenting those kikay niceties that I recently hoarded, yada yada (*excuses)…. I’ll be on them, pronto! ;-D Which brings me to my post today, I never get around sharing my not-so-recent eyebrow tinting soiree. I had it done together with my hair, although not by a brow bar or the likes, I wonder if there’s a difference, I’ll let you know once I do it the second time around, soon. Anyhow, on my to do list ASAP, besides getting ombre hair (I’m mighty jealous of my friends who are already donning the hairstyle!), I’ll do my eyebrows too. You ought to know that I have a very high maintenance eyebrows, such that they can really make or break my look. Keeping them well-groomed, plus getting them tinted to match my current hair color gives me more plus pretty points, methinks. *LoL

Me, myself, and I in one of my favorite FOTD with tinted brows. ;-D 
My usual brows.
This is how they did it. Using the same hair color for my hair, they used a bit to my eyebrows. Left for about 30 mins, with constant monitoring.
Tadaa! Hmmm, I didn’t also get around blogging about my whole hair color soiree from Tony and Jackey Marquee Mall Branch,  which costed Php 3000+, because I thought that I was finally free, after 6-months, of my d.i.y. hair color misadventure, but NO-T!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Tony and Jackey, see on my crown how nice my hair color should have been, if only most not still shining black. Oh well, it looks ombre, inverted!

Anyhow, this is my to do list, asap, maybe this weekend. Any recommendations? Browhaus? or The Brow? Please do let me know. I want the grooming as painless and effortless as possible, and the color dye or tweaking safe, and guaranteed. What do you think, any thoughts? ;-D 


  1. I lol-ed at the inverted hombre hair! 😀 Hombre-something seems to be everywhere these days, I just saw hombre nails on Youtube. haha 😀


  2. Your brows look great! The color definitely suits you. If you're looking for another local salon, I would definitely recommend ours, Brow Art 23. We do everything from tinting to threading to henna! I would love to chat via Twitter: @browart23. Have a great day and great blog post! 🙂


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