Cafe Juanita Lunch Treat: NIDO Fortified Moms’ Day Out Part 1

Hello. Hello. I’ve been busy, battling getting by the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila living. So, my last Friday’s media event by Nestlé NIDO Fortified was truly a welcome treat. You ought to know that I have a special penchant to the brand, notwithstanding the fact that my son drinks it too alternately with fresh milk, it’s a company that through the years unceasingly earns our respect and loyalty. And yes, might I say too, that it’s the company that brings food on our table. ;-D So I personally would like to enjoin you to relive some of NIDO Fortified endearing TVC’s. ;-D  This one is love.   #ProudToBeaMom

And YES to everything, they’re all my and will be my sentiments too in the future. The treat was doubly pleasant because it’s my first media event with them.

Of course, remember this? My novelized ravings here. ;-D

Our moms’ day out started off with a luncheon treat at Café Juanita.

Café Juanita, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Have you dined at Cafe Juanita? Prior to this, I haven’t! Boo me! That is to think that the main branch is located at Pasig, my supposed turf. Oh well, big mistake. Not to preempt, but my, after my first try, it must be one of the best restaurant in Manila. 
It’s a very cozy luncheon with about less than 10 Mommy Bloggers in attendance, such that it allowed us to meet and greet Nestle’s Brand and Company representatives (Consumer Marketing Managers Ting Mercado and Tintin Libarnes, with the experts behind the brand, Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juadiong, child psychology expert, and Nestlé nutritionist Bab Cayabyab, as well as fellow mom and Nestlé Club head Au Alipao) alongside EON’s (PR Firm) representatives. 
Cafe Juanita’s interior decoration is pleasantly eclectic. The diverse displays and collections of antiques, artful and colorful furnishings complements the fanciful dining experience. 
I am not a gown, nor a dress. I’m a chair cover. LoL* #Corny See, the intricacies of designs and details all over are overwhelmingly pretty for my girly, dreamy taste. ;-D 
More elaborate light fixtures. Nice! ;-D
On with more of my Cafe Juanita ravings after the break. Please read more. ;-D We were served with a lot, so forgive me, if I got lost in the whole gastronomic fanfare and forgot some of the names of the dish. I’ll try to update them, on my next visit. 
Catfish Mango Salad.  I didn’t even realized the fish part in it. I love the added crispy texture.  
Kare Kare. It’s one of the best I’ve tried so far, comparable to my grandma’s cooking. So yes, it’s reminiscence of  Pampanga cooking. ;-D
Pinoy Ratatoy, Cafe Juanita’s version of Ratatouille. Much like its inspiration, it’s a vegetable dish with tomatoes, onions, eggplants, capers, and more, with the Pinoy’s part being inclusive of “Tuyo” or Salted Dried Fish. Despite the seasonal expected “stinging”, I like it. I think it’s best eaten with a hefty serving of rice. #IloveCarbs LoL*
This is the Two-way Pork adobo, classic adobo via the soft pork ribs plus the crispy pork flakes. 
Beef Caldereta.
Deep Fried Lapu Lapu with a tamarind sauce. This I love too. ;-D
Crispy Fried Tilapia with Salsa. I love Tilapia, but with so many things to try, I neglected to try it. Next time. 
House Specialty Sticky Toffee Pudding
Leche Flan
I love all the desserts, as in. I shared these with Mommy Ruth and Mommy Kaye. I recommend trying all three desserts at once! ;-D As for the main dish choices, limiting it to 2-3 choices, I’ll go for Deep Fried Lapu Lapu, Two-Way Adobo, and Kare-Kare. Although, I would love to try Pork Binagoongan next time. And I’d like to get the better feel of Pinoy Ratatoy eating it with a hefty serving of rice. LoL* So yes, the presentation is undeniable superb. I only have idea on the pricing, it’s average of Php 300 up per dish.  I’ll let you know. But, pricing considerations aside, I love everything. The food choices offered famed and favorite Filipino and Asian dishes. The food, plus the ambiance, altogether makes a great tourist destination too. So yes, I can’t wait to bring my highly judgmental hard-to-please a la food connoisseur kins and next of kins hailing from the land of culinary experts and gourmands, Pampanga. I’ll let you know what they have to say.

Anyhow, this is just part 1, we’re just getting started, the next part offered more “me” time for us moms. It’s a treat to an equally whimsical place, MANOS Nail Spa and Lounge. Please stay tuned. Cheers! ;-D

It’s truly a remarkable day to cap off my so-so week, big thanks to Nestlé NIDO Fortified and to EON for having me. ;-D


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