It’s a go at GO Hotels! ✌

It’s a go at GO Hotels! ;-D

Last week, we were able to enjoy another “fancy living” adventure (that’s how my son loves to call staying at hotels…haha!;-P). This time, we stayed at Go Hotels. The stay was more of an official trip. We wanted to explore the possibility of my hubby having to stay at Go Hotels 3x a week, instead of renting out a condo unit in Manila since comes July, he will be officially based in Manila. I booked the room two weeks in advance via online booking, so we got the mid-price of around Php 1300++ per night. The rates are highly volatile, it’s best to plan ahead. The room rates can go as high as Php 1800 to a promo rate of Php 388++ per night. But that’s really booking ahead of time. We don’t really know if we’re up for it.

Go Hotels Advertised Room
The Go Hotels room is cozy and comfy enough, so it’s nap time all we want! ;-D

To manage my son’s expectations of hotel living, we told him that there won’t be a swimming pool and a grand lobby to go with our stay. But in fairness, the room accommodation is better than other existing value hotels in the area. Minus the other perks like a room refrigerator, coffee and tea refills, and recreational facilities which guests can normally enjoy or actually pay for on the hindsight, the room accommodations offered by Go Hotels could even be at par with existing independent and hotels on vacation destinations. Think Microtel room accommodation at half the price! ;-D

View from our Room…EDSA Boni.

We requested for an outer room with window, so we had the room fronting EDSA. The hotel rooms are located on the level 5 and 6. That’s how for as the elevator would go. The room floors are actually feels much like condo living spaces. There is a designated common area, with tables and chairs, and cushioned seats, charging station and a LCD television. Just to keep the common area as comfy as possible, since this is the designated dining area. Eating is prohibited inside the hotel rooms, beware of Php 1000 fine if found out! Well, I guess it’s a trivial trade off one has to take since it ‘s for everyones benefit that the maintenance cost remains as low as possible so we can all enjoy the fair rate.

There is also no complimentary drinking water that comes with the stay, there’s also no drinking glasses in the room just to really prove a point of no eating inside the hotel room. Thankfully, Ministop is conveniently located at the ground floor. They even retail disposable plastic cups just in case. I needed that since I drink a cereal drink for breakfast. I have more pictures of the hotel area, I would share them as soon as I get them from my hubby’s phone.

Go Hotels Toilet and Bath

The toilet and bath are also more than okay. It comes with a hot and cold showers. The water is overflowing too. The room rate includes a set of towels per night,  and a make up room service that comes after 2pm. So far, except for not having a bath tub, my son was a happy camper.

Tokyo Cafe at the Go Hotels Lobby
Starting off our meal with a bowl of Clam Chowder Soup less than Php 100! Yummy! 😀
As much as I wanted to try Japanese, I had to share a meal with my son…Hamburger Steak forever Php 178 ++! ;-D

With that much serving for Hamburger Steak meal, I have to give up indulging a Japanese Meal for myself, since I’m hundred percent certain my son could only finish a patty, and I had to finish the rest. Oh well, that’s mom! 😀 So I’m happy to treat myself with a bowl of soup. It was raining that day so we couldn’t really enjoy the restaurants at Robinsons Pioneer mall, so we had to settle for the the Tokyo Cafe. I have to go back again and try the Japanese Menu so I can truly say that I ♥ Tokyo Cafe. The other dining option is Ministop, which I noticed where most are getting their food.

Please note that parking fee is not free!!! Expect to pay Php 100 per night of stay. It’s actually a common pay parking area at the basement of the Go Hotels, but the hotel offers a fix rate of Php 100 coupon per room. We actually have to add it out it the total room cost computation. Overall, if we only can plan ahead and pay for everything in advance, we think that we can actually save staying in Go Hotels three times a week instead of renting out a condo. The overall feel of the hotel is actually more of a serviced residential unit. It saves us of paying the utilities and other dues. Oh well, we have to see and wait. I’ll let you know how it goes. 😀

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