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Fave Beauty Brands from Ipsy & Allure πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Hope your weekend went well. Mine was okay. I did a lot of tidying, sorting among stuff that sparks joy…KonMari way, almost, sort of, because I’m cheating, in my mind, I’m letting go of these, so I’ll have room for more. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ™ŠπŸ˜… From the looks of it, I’ll probably be able to fill up one balikbayan box just for clothes and shoes. Aha. If only, less is more. Then, I started going through my beauty loot. One can never have too many lotions, I always say. I’ll tell you a secret on what I do with the ones that don’t make it to my usual skincare routine. 🀫

My happy problem is I have so much, so many skincare and makeups from my monthly beauty box subscriptions from Allure and Ipsy. Oh well.

Every so often, I send and gift unused, some duplicate products from my years of subscriptions, to my family and friends. At the start of my subscription, I indicated my choices. Usually, there’s an option that you can choose 1 of your products. If you do so, then, you’ll make sure you get something that you like.

Beautiful Mess. I tried to organize them into skincare cream, masks, eye makeup, lip care, etc. I received so many highlighters, mascara, eye liners, I kid you not. I stopped buying. It’s been a while since I did. The only time I buy are also from Ipsy for deals and add-ons. I do that on brands and items that I like and I want to try. From above, I probably only bought the Benefit Lip & Cheek Stain Mini Set. Benefit Cosmetics is one of the brand I love since before, so I’m so happy I’m in San Francisco, loving and supporting a local brand.
Few of my fave things.
February 2021 Ipsy Bag πŸ’‹| Dr Botanical Lemon Superfood All in one Rescue Butter | Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer | ipsy x Betty Boop Mascara | Doucce Mascara | Benefit Gimme Brow | Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil Shade 4. 5| Manna Lip Bliss Mask | Polaar Lip Balm | Tarte Sexy Kitten Liquid Eyeliner | Pixi by Petra Shimmering Eye Pencil + Luxie Medium Fan Brush

Chic & Sassy Mom Tip: With the many skincare products I have, for those who don’t make it to my skincare routine, I use them as hand, neck and body lotions. I’m so vain in need of all the anti-aging, moisturizing products all over. So I use face creams, serums, oils on my neck, dΓ©colletage (very important), hand and legs. Yes!!! Tatcha is one very good brand that I get every so often (mostly from Allure), so I use it all over.

Allure usually gives me full size products that I can incorporate in my skincare routine (search skincare in my search box). The Hello Fab is one of them. I don’t need a lot, I use it after my sunscreen, before my bb cream or foundation. Also, there was that one time I got an Ouai.

I received so many makeup brushes too, but the Luxie fan mascara is the softest. I use it on my eye area, eye lid and under when I apply the no-sebum powder (I use a finishing powder before I apply my eye makeup because I have oily eyelids and it cause my mascara and eyeliner to run, so I apply a no-sebum translucent powder).

Since before, Benefit is my go-to brand for brows and eye makeup. The brow and pencil save me, because I just DIY my brows unlike before in Manila when I go to Benefit Brow Bar or The Brow Studio.

I also use a Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara Primer. It’s a staple. The ipsy x Betty Boop Blink & Wink Mascara is love!!! It makes my lashes so prominently long and black. That’s important for me because I wear prescription glasses. Same goes with Doucce Maxlush Volumizer Mascara. This is probably my third tube. Either I got it as part of the box, or I made an add-on. It doesn’t clump, it separates and lengthens my lashes. These both doesn’t run. So no 🐼 panda eyes at the end of day.

My recent fave is the Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner. I’ve come a long way in finally perfecting, sort of, in creating the thinnest winged eye ala my Korean drama leads. But still, not all eyeliners are alike. I have hits and misses. but the Tarte seems like a keeper. The Pixi by Petra is a champagne colored shimmering pencil, I use it on my waterline.

So for #FOTD, I have a lot of selfie, I swear, check them out on IG @chicsassymom . But I’ll end this post with one. I was wearing if not all, a combination of the makeup products I mentioned on my 40th Birthday.


I am on ipsy Glam Bag for $12/month. Allure is for $23/month. February box is supposed to be a $250 value. With Ipsy, there’s a chance that you’ll get the same brand/product, different shade, just be diligent in choosing one item you like before it ships out monthly, so your assure that you get one thing that you’ll love. Also, the upside of ipsy is the add ons, which starts at $3. Or the deals. Allure has more full sizes and premium brands, it makes up for the price. There’s a question, IPSY or Allure, it’s so hard to choose. I choose both! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈβœŒπŸ»

Check them out, and subscribe using my referral link (I’ll get points and freebies). Allure Beauty Box and/or IPSY. πŸ˜‰


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