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I have so many photos thoughts that I just needed to talk about. I used to say…so many dramas (I originally meant Korean & Chinese Dramas), too little time. But 2020 happens, surreal, so many real life dramas, only now, we have too much time… to think, to feel and to deal. That’s like a killer combination, you want to fast forward, but things just tend to linger. I’m not okay. I’m terribly homesick (missing Manila), dealing with new normal and all sorts of other complicated stuff. I have a flair of being dramatic and look where it got me…a star of my own real life drama. 🤦‍♀️ But today is not yet the day I’ll talk about those. Remember, I created this blog to inspire, to rave, and not to rant. Always to see the glass half full. Aja! 🙌🏻

I’m a book worm, I read all sorts. But I’ll up my game further, I thought I’m well-read until I met my match. I tend to be competitive, hah, so I’ll be reading some more. But I have to say it’s wonderful to get inspiration from these gems… Maybe and What do you do with an Idea? With a Problem? With a Chance? by Kobi Yamada. Inspiring and easy read for all ages. Simple yet direct messages with so much resonance. At the onset, they’re Illustrated Children’s Books. The central lessons, theme, moral and heart of the stories come out to me as magical and heartfelt…less is more.
Dream away. Manifest. “Then one day, something amazing happened. My idea changed right before my very eyes. It spread its wings, took flight, and burst into the sky? ” – What do you do with an Idea? 💡 by Kobi Yamada
It’s all about perspectives. “So now I see problems differently. I’m not afraid of them anymore, because I know their secret…” – What do you do with a Problem? 🤔 by Kobi Yamada
What do you do with a chance?🍀 by Kobi Yamada I read this book first. It tugged my heartstrings. We just have to keep taking chances, because you never know.
“Your life is yours. Try as many things as you can try. See as much as you can see. ” – Maybe by Kobi Yamada

I was told by a friend when I posted this on IG, that this sounds like me. Oh wow. I like that’s what I exude, but I know I can still do better. So I keep moving…gentle reminder that we are not cats, so we only have our one and only life. #YOLO You Only Live Once. Then there’s “memento mori”, Latin phrase meaning remember, you will die. . This is crystal clear. So, tale as old as time, carpe diem.

We all heard about glass half full or half empty, that teaches us about perspective. But to hear this from the boy “I think I’m grateful to have a glass, ” – The Boy, The Mole, The Fox & The Horse by Charles Mackey shows the power of having a grateful heart speaks more volume.
This one…it hits, just because I like cake. Though, I’ll limit it to a spoonful, but it works every time.
” All that you need to let go will lead you to what is truly yours” – You Matter by Dhiman

You Matter is a timely read for self reflection and self help. Personally, You Matter is not an easy read, because it requires me to act, to move, to think a lot more, to reflect and to look into myself…that it’s okay to be me, is it really? Don’t second guess. Believe it. We were told to be selfless, unconditionally loving, caring and enduring. I’m told that blue is nice, so yes, blue is my favorite color too. I’m sold! I’ll say that maybe I’m flexible, it’s okay too…but after watching Runaway Bride years ago, there was a scene where Julia Robert’s character was asked “How do you like your eggs 🥚?” , she used to conform. It was a wake up call for me back then, so I made baby steps starting off with trivial things to have something definitive…what do I really really like. So, I’ll be able to answer a slum book easily. So, I say, I like my eggs sunny side up 🍳 and I like scrambled eggs too, with a lot of peppers and cheese… the goal is for me to be as precise. I’m learning it as I go along… much like how I want my Starbucks Cafe Mocha, I add so much customization now.

The book also covers healthy boundaries to protect one’s inner peace and joy. Again, personally, it’s hard when I’ve always been in the running for America’s next Top whatever. But practice makes perfect…baby steps…”No, thank you!”

I have OCD tendencies and my quirkiness, well, mostly, they help me to be good at what I do, professionally. I wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s good and bad. Then, imagine being so flexible, yet being crazy stubborn persistent to a fault, like I give it my all…or none at all. Burnout is real. Quickly, resilience is about how you recharge, and not on how you endure. So when you’re up to your limit, you quit, take a break, rest, recharge and begin again. Supposedly now wiser, know that I cannot force things. I cannot control everything, and so on those I can’t, I have to learn to let go. Pick your battles. You Matter and all those self-care quotes in IG prompt each one of us to work on oneself. I won’t talk much about it, I’m still a work in progress. I have good days and bad days. Patience is a virtue. Practice by being ever so patient with oneself. So it’s okay not to be okay too. I get by with a little help from my friends, lots of prayers, some Korean Drama time and just waking up grateful everyday, saying you can do it! It’s going to be okay! Aja! Aja! Fighting! 🙌🏻

P.S. I migrated to a new platform, so some links are missing. Please use the search button just in case a link is not working. Sharing is caring.  ❤️

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