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Plantita 🙋🏼‍♀️| Succulent Love🌵

Hello! Hope you’re all okay. I am officially a #Plarent for Plant Parent or a #Plantita for Plant Tita (Aunt). I also believe I have a green thumb. Lucky!🍀 My first ever succulent was a Jade Plant, which was one of my very first gift from here . I went home feeling like Mathilda, Natalie Portman’s character in The Professional. I was hugging it. Then corona virus happens, suddenly, we all can use some succulents to keep us busy and distracted. But truly, they are much more than that, they are source of joy, comfort and inner peace. They are pretty resilient, I reckon, anyone can raise succulents!

Already repotted after my hunt from different Home Depots and Highway 92 Succulents in Half Moon Bay and just asking friends to give me some cuttings.

I got the pots from Amazon. I just started, so no, I’m not mixing my own soil yet. So far so good. I have more detailed post on my IG @Chicsassymomfinds .

I was trying to be artsy on my previous arrangements, this one is from the old ones I got, also just cuttings I got from friends. This turned out to be one of my favorite, it’s all about heights, they’re like the foliage in a flower arrangement.
This is a Red Pagoda. I got a bunch and then repotted them. These are planted in a tiny pot but was left outdoor. It bloomed faster than the ones I kept indoor.
I have warm lighting indoor, hence, the color. The Red Pagoda is from the same pot, it’s about to bloom too.

One can never have too many plants. I tend to be a competitive diligent collector. There are a lot of species, varieties. So it’s like a hunting. Move over ref magnet…hello, succulent! Honestly, I just find joy in making them thrive. It breaks my heart when one doesn’t make it. I mean, really?! It happened…because of overwatering or I broke a petal (sort of) especially from one of the echeveria, the rosette types.

I keep an echeveria in my nightstand. I just took a photo while blogging now. Oh, I have too many lamps too. I’ll talk about it some other time when I show you my recent project on home improvement. Again, more projects and more plants.

So far, with life being so tough lately, I get by with a little help from these. It’s indeed the little things. And just in case, we all know it…we can’t buy happiness, but we can buy plants! So carry on, keep calm and raise succulents. Let’s do this! Keep thriving…this too shall pass! ❤️

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