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It’s okay to not be okay with the New Normal ❀️ | Bay Area Life in times of Coronavirus πŸ˜·

Annyeong! Hola! Bonjour!  Hope everyone is okay…well it’s not everyday that I’m okay…so I guess, like my fave KDrama says, it’s okay to not be okay. Four months after the shelter in place, here I am, getting by with the new normal. It’s so so hard! My greetings I said gave them as such just because for the past months, I’ve tried to learn Korean, Spanish and now I’m trying French…everything remains a work-in-progress. (I might have a better chance with French just because I learned it in college for years.) Oh well…Je suis desolee! I have moments, when I’m so very diligent, but then life happens, so “try” remains the operative word for now. So I’m trying to go back to my little space in the blogosphere…not to be bullish or bearish (hello, Robinhood), but to say let’s hold for now, and let’s just go through the motion given that I have few more months before I need to figure out how to change my blog header, just because so many things are changing…no longer I’ll be 30 something when December comes, though dieting forever remains constant, I’m so closed to giving up Seoul searching (this for sure I will have to fix), the wanderlust and/or fangirl in me is making life as we know it now just so extra challenging. But I’ll try to connect and thrive in the new normal…I need it. Aja!

#Nesting.  I was assigned to this office space maybe about a year ago. It’s only this week that I finally fixed it.  I’m a field person, so I let it be.  It was filled with boxes and no personal effects, but here we are, new normal with remote meetings…I just need a Zen space amidst all of these. Plus, maybe I needed something concrete/permanent amidst all this chaos…a space to call my own. 
Highlights of the past months (some are on my IG @chicsassymom @chicsassymomeats @chicsassymomfinds)
Left to Right, Row1:

1) I got a new company car, gave up my BMW to get a bigger Mercedes. I’m slowly, but surely, learning to drive most of North California, except for the city…not yet! I can drive as far as Modesto from Fremont. Yay! There’s barely traffic, that helps. But still, putting gas is not my fave thing to do, last refill I tried, I couldn’t open the gas tank, I had to leave without having it filled. I had to ask help.  
2) Always a bookworm. Finding comfort in reading again…already getting my fill of romance from Korean and Chinese Dramas, I grew up so very timely, I mostly read inspirational and self-help books. We need all the help we can get, don’t we all? Easy but powerful reads, my fave in the What Do You Do series is What do you do with a Chance? Answer, have faith and take courage, continue taking chances. I’m also seeing Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist in a very different light, now older and wiser (ha), it’s a very compelling read about our search for our Personal Legend aka dreams…hope, don’t lose heart in chasing after your heart’s desire and believe that the universe will work its magic to see it in fruition. In short,  think positive, keep trying, be open and be mindful, hear what the universe is telling us, and don’t believe the world’s greatest lie! Again, easier said than done…work in progress! Let’s do this! 
3) Selfie, selca and #OOTD in mask. Remember when only the Korean KPop and KDrama leads wear them, and here we are…wear mask, save lives. 
Left to Right, Row 2: 
4) You ought to know that I’m so vain I dedicate posts on my hair care affairs. πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈMy last post last April (wow seems like forever) was about my golden curls, well, I chopped them. DIY. Oh well…my life’s is changing and/or is about to change plus everybody else’s is. In fact, I can hardly keep up. But I still do curl them with my ever dependable, can’t live without Dyson Airwrap
5) Got a new toy, Nutri Ninja Blender. Since, I’m on diet forever, I need to be purposive in making sure I get my dose of fruits and vegetables, this does the trick…I do Keto Coffee for breakfast + Smoothie  for late lunch + 1 Low Card Dinner = Low carb and Low calorie diet. (There are days, I cheat and I can’t stop eating chips and cakes, so that’s why I can’t go full Keto diet). This Ninja has been so busy, I make my smoothie (half a banana, kale, mixed berries and almond milk), then my boys take turn making strawberry milk shake and all sorts of chocolate shakes. For this, I get away from buying my son a Frappuccino. 
6) Ooops. 🀭🀫After three months of no retail therapy, we went to Dessert Hills Premium Outlet on the July 4th weekend and I went crazy. I’ll do another post, but quickly, I bought three Valentino Shoes, 1 matching Valentino Purse, 1 Balenciaga Purse and 1 Balenciaga Shoes. I feel so guilty!!! Maybe I will let go of them. Watch out for it, maybe, follow me IG @chicsassymomfinds .
I always believe…good shoes take you to good places! #Valentino
Left to Right, Row 3: 
7) After 30ish years, finally!!! Every so often, I walked. Oh well. I try. 
When I go around, my heart skips a beat when I see all these fruit bearing trees in my neighborhood. Hello, California living! Oh my, there are so many fruits and veggies here, I’m amazed! I just met plum and nectarines. Please know, that we just moved here, sort of!
8) Three weeks ago, I went on my first business trip to Lalaland.  I had two indoor dining soirees. 🀭 Oh well. Check out my dining adventures on IG @chicsassymomeatds amidst the pandemic…mostly Door Dash and pick-ups. 
9) #Plarent πŸ€πŸŒ±πŸŒ΅πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈOh well… I dare to say I have a green thumb…succulents for sure, let’s see how my office plants in weeks and months to come. 
Anyhow, life must go on, for sure. To those who are doing so well, better than the rest of us, I’m so happy for you, please remain to be constant inspiration and fountain of hope to the rest of us. I remain a work in progress…chic, I try every time πŸ˜…,  though I need some work on the sassy part. I’m turning out to be boring lately. But let’s try to do this, one day at a time. Aja! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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