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To ski, or not to ski? β›·| #ChicSassyMomTravels

When you live in the tropical countries, you long and crave for snowy vacays. There’s just something magical about snow, thanks to Korean dramas and Fozen. πŸ˜‰Sometime ago, we had to cancel our flights from Seoul, and get new flights to Manila just because there was a snow forecast. There was only snow flurry, but we’re so happy. But then, spending winter in Chicago, made me think twice about snow. I decided, I only want to do vacay in snowy places not live on them. That’s why California living is perfect. One weekend, when the weather was nice with a snow forecast, we went to Tahoe. Let it snow! It was so beautiful!

Our porch from the AirBnB Rental we got at Truckee. It was my first time seeing so much snow falling. I’m in love! 
One check off my bucket list. But wait, there’s more. They said, do you want to build a snowman? let’s go skiing! To ski, or not to ski? That’s the question.
Hmmmm, I pride myself from being adventurous, from food, zip lining,  and what have you. But I was honestly scared for my almost 40 year old self, oh well. Never say die! I did it! We had lessons, that you must do! Got a day pass with everything on it, rental, lift pass and lessons. Chase, my son, did snow boarding. He’s so good! I thought I’ll be good at it because I can roller skates and roller blades decades ago. Hah. I ended up being so bad at it! I delayed the class and made everybody not take the lift. But I had one good ride, thank goodness it was caught on cam! See for yourself in my IG @chicsassymom post below. Don’t judge. πŸ˜…
My form was so bad, pizza on my mind πŸ˜…, but I was supposedly dressed for success. Haha. Ready for my Snowy Fashion in North Face from head to toe. ✌🏻I aced my OOTD post and snow angel. Another check off my bucket list, skiing! Will I do it again? Maybe. It depends. I might, when the weather is nice!  ❄️

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