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#WheninLA Visit Paderia Bakehouse | #ChicSassyMomEats

How’s your weekend so far? Mine goes like this…eat, blog, social media, watch, sleep, repeat. We can only make the best out of everyday… live gratefully and love like there’s no tomorrow, shall we? But when tomorrow comes, my Los Angeles business trip is waiting for me.  And when I do, I’ll make sure to grab more ensaymadas in Paderia.

One and only Paderia Branch in Fountain Valley

They are “open until sold out”, you have to pre-order. Call ahead at (714) 916-5977 . And when you do, and you get to skip the super long line and just head out directly to the cashier. I only called in for Ensaymada. But next time, I’d like to try their Portuguese Egg Tart and Doughnut (Malasada). I’ll update this post.

Ensaymada Plain $3 and w/ Chesse $3.75
Panaderia’s Ensaymada

Filipino brioche. Originating from Spain, this sweet and buttery spiral-rolled brioche covered with a blend of sugar and butter. Add grated two-year-aged white cheddar for a savory contrast.

Patience is a virtue. Believe me. The Ensaymada needs to be really reheated before eating, so it’s soft and it melts. Microwave for 20-30 seconds, then it will be perfect. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Easy 5 lbs. I swear. It’s a must try. So when you’ll be in Lalaland, you’ll want to bring home baked goodies from Paderia’s.

Paderia’s Bakehouse is located at 18279 Brookhurst St. STE 1 Fountain Valley, CA 92708  

Contact no. : (714) 916-5977

Bakery Hours 
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday through Friday: 7am – 2pm/Sold out 
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 2pm/Sold out 
Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 8pm/Sold out

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