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Learning Korean with Rosetta Stone | What to do in Quarantine at Home

Annyeong! 🤗California and rest of the world, please repeat, we need to stay home so our front liners can do their jobs. Let’s pray for fortitude. And while we’re home, let’s find everyday joys in little things. And while we’re at it, in between working from home, family bonding and house chores, let’s take this time to be purposive to keep learning, growing and improving. Let me share with you what I have been working on. I’m learning Korean! Yay! Finally, after years of finding all the reasons and excuses not to, better late than sorry! You ought to know I’m a fangirl and a drama addict, I’m taking it to the next level. Hah. ✌🏻

So between investing buying another Jo Malone 😅, (now wiser) I got myself a lifetime subscription of Rosetta Stone that enables me to learn as many language to my heart’s delight. Yay! Congratulations to me!

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription at $199

I enjoin you to invest your time wisely. Now that we have it, invest in personal growth and development. I like how Rosetta Stone are marketing it…it says binge more. That I can do. I can only watch so many dramas on Netflix and Viki anyhow. 😅The lifetime Subscription makes sense looking at all the subscription options and the cost. This allows me to indulge on more learning time and more language options. I reckon, since it takes me real effort to sing memorize a song, so I can only learn one language at a time. Obviously, because I love Seoul and missing it so much, I’m learning Korean first. Once you select your Language, it will be mostly Korean even mode of instructions, unless you click help, so you are challenged to keep up to be able to to navigate your way around the learning modules.  The learning process is hinged on repetition for you to commit to memory, reinforced with a lot of speaking exercises. Then they introduce new concepts and words, then connect them to the previous items covered. It takes about 30 minutes per day. I take more than that because I review and return to my mistakes. You have to do 85% to pass. It will not stop you from progressing, but the warning sign gets me so I make sure to go back and retake.  That, plus we have time anyway. Just because I watch dramas like crazy, I sort of connect what I learn every time. I especially found joy in saying haneul, which is sky. I always remember the importance and magic of haneul in the dramas. I don’t have anybody to converse with, so that might be a challenge for me to be able to successfully retain it. But I’m watching dramas, so maybe that will be a different case from my previous experience of taking 6 modules, 2 years of French Lessons. Next on my list is to refresh French. But meantime, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’ll share a post or two on my IG @chicsassymom and @NoonaDiaries .

Korean Basic program is a 6-week course at 5 days/week. I’m done with Week 1. Not perfect, but so far, so good.

On a more personal note. I have OCD tendencies, so I’m compelled to do things in order like clockwork. I have a grand plan to make the most of this time, you know, make all sorts of lemonades like I said last time. In my routine now is taking a language class 30 minutes before blog time. I decided to be purposive. To still take control and make life changing efforts to learn to say “no, thank you!” and “please, tell me more!”. Here I say, I want to learn more.  The world is on reset. This is a time to emerge better and stronger. We have to stay home safely, ever more healthy and productive. It’s a precious gift and sensible request from the so courageous Health Care and Community Service providers worldwide just so their sacrifices will be all worth it. Aja! Aja! Fighting! 🙌🏻


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