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#StayHome , Blog and Remain Hopeful

Annyeong, cinggu! πŸ€—It has been a while. When I started this blog 10 years ago (wow!), it was right about that time of my stint as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), I did it for two years. It was a wonderful experience. I was thankful for it and for a lot of things (see my first ever post). And here we are, I’m writing my first post after 5 months,  just because, we all find ourselves, staying at home. I’m still here, chasing California dreams. 2019 happened. Life, as we usually knows it, happens, and then this…dire, desolating, disheartening, but still we must remain hopeful.

Before coronavirus hit US, unknowingly we were getting our fill of vacationing… a weekend in Tahoe, LA, Las Vegas, then Yosemite. On our way were fields of almond blossoms, as far as your eyes can see. We did a quick photo op, it was beautiful. Last year, we went to Seattle, it was already after the Cherry Blossom season. Because I can’t be in Japan, we made plans to go back this year to Seattle to see the blossoms. The almond blossoms are as captivating but I was still looking forward to see cherry blossoms in Seattle, but as we all know, we can’t… for now! But it’s spring time. Let hope springs.

Fields of Almond Blossoms in Modesto, CA

It is a difficult time. Full of uncertainties. I’m writing just because my heart is about to burst, with anxiety, worries, fears, and sadness. There is no escaping this. Sometime whenever I find life here in California challenging (homesickness is real, people! hah), I have a backup plan that always makes me courageous, I can always pull a card where we can always go back home to the Philippines. I don’t have that even. It scares me that USA is scrambling. Social distancing and sheltering in place are such difficult feats. Telework for somebody who’s doing field sales for yearsss is hard. How can I stay still?! I can only watch so much Korean and Chinese dramas on weekend. I’m normally a homebody, but again, the thought that you can decide not to be one for the day comforts you that there is something out there. That too is gone. So when you overthink given the limited options, it gives me shortness of breath, no pun intended. But still, we must do it! There’s a war going on, our front liners are risking their lives. For us non-essential workers, we must stay at home. Everyday, I hope that let today be a busy, productive and may it always remains a pleasantly uneventful day. I pray for courage to remain hopeful. This too shall pass. 


  1. Thank you much for joining All Seasons! Me thinks not being able to travel if you like to go places, it's harder to stay home, because you can't go anywhere, or it's closed! All the things you are experiencing me, makes me concerned. You can have some more peace of mind, if you can see the bigger picture. One is that at the end of April they will have to open up some more things, because our economy will die, otherwise. So, hold onto for a month longer staying home from work. Next, please read my post, right underneath the All Seasons one you linked to. That post is called, \”Enjoying spring without fear.\” You may think,but I don't believe in all of that …well, how important is peace of mind? You can change your mind, right? Now, would be the right time for a new adventure:) Let me know if you can't find the post. Meanwhile, wishing you a very good week and inspiration, Jesh


  2. The almond orchard reminds me of the great and and uncle's place nearby in Oakdale, California. My grandparents moved to Waterford, outside of Modesto when I was five years old so I went up there many times to visit. – Margy


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