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Rosa’s Trattoria and Bar Tulare, CA

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Hello, friends! πŸ€—I truly hope when this all ends, there’ll be thousand versions and flavors of lemonade choices out there in the world to cater to everyone’s preferences…surprise us, universe! This unexpected stop at Tulare was such one lemonade.

Side story. If you are following me in IG @chicsassymom , you would know that my last IG post prior to Friday’s was my business trip to LA. I took the flight in the city, but would ride with them on our way back since hubby made instant plans in LA.  On our way home to San Francisco, we had car trouble…worst nightmare! I was upset. We were upset. Our car can only take so much mileage. We had been traveling weekend after weekend. Silver lining is we have Triple A Premier Membership that covers 200 miles free towing services.  Best decision ever. I tell you, without it, the tow will cost you thousands, more or less $10/mile. We were 400 miles away from home. Except it was a Sunday, they will only drop it off to a repair shop. They will only cover halfway of the trip. We have to split the trip. Husband using his first, and the second leg of the tow, will be my member’s benefits. There’s no exact 200 miles, and there’s nothing in I-5, so we had to find something. Tulare was it. There’ll be extra miles to cover out of pocket. We had no choice. And so, we started to head out to Tulare. I tell you, I love to eat. I’m a gourmand. I find joy in eating. It comforts me. We needed it. Starving, we Yelp-ed the best Italian restaurants in Tulare. And we found Rosa’s.

Rosa’s Trattoria and Bar Since 1962, Tulare, California 

Hours drive, we all need a nice place to recoup and eat. It was one stressful day, and we’re only halfway home. Rosa’s didn’t disappoint. Warm and cozy. The service was superb. Buon Appetito!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Warm, freshly baked bread to restart our palate, literally to restart our bad day. 
Chaseyboy’s (my son) Antipasti choice – Mozzarella Carrozza
For me, Funghi in Padella

Italian food trip, more pasta and pizza, per favore.

Penne Arrabbiata…mine. Please know that I’m on/off Keto. The bacon got me here, hah, but the sauce and the spice made everything nice. It’s worth cheating. 
Scampin All’ Italiano…my husband is a picky eater, can’t sugar coat it…it is what it is. If I’m in a hunt of finding the best Japanese Bento of Salmon Teriyaki and Tempura, his is Scampi. He loved this! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Medium Pizza with Pepperoni, More Bacon for me and Pineapple. We love pineapples.

We ordered a feast. The food was wonderful. Grazie!  It was getting late. Monday was just around the corner. I was purposive. I love adventure. I made lemonade by comforting ourselves that we will never probably find our way in Tulare, so it’s a check off our list in places to visit in California….Good meal and more hours spent with the family…enough joy to comfort us and to send us off on a positive note as we went to the last part of our trip home. Grateful.

Rosa’s Trattoria & Bar, Tulare, California
If you find yourself in Tulare and in search for a trattoria, find joy and comfort at Rosa’s.
210 E Tulare Ave ,Tulare, CA 93274

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