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Starstruck at Michael Mina SF πŸ€©

I’m a forever fangirl! If I can’t see KDrama stars (who are aplenty in Manila), just feed me somewhere nice like a Michelin Star restaurant and I’ll probably live another year missing fanmeetings (I’m holding on, I truly hope so!πŸ˜…). True story, we ate at this 2-Star Michelin Restaurant in Japan, I was absolutely charmed. I know it was fancy and pricey, but I just only realized why it’s indeed such an experience after watching Bradley Cooper (🎀Shallow) in the movie Burnt. Plus, my brother works for a Michelin Star chef, so it’s a joyful moment to see stars in a restaurant.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if I already had my iPhone11 Pro back then, so the photos were taken like a pro blogger that I hope I could be albeit the low light setting? Oh well, next time.

Michael Mina SF Official Photo 

Here goes our 5-Course Dinner Menu. We had Pinot Noir to pair and more desserts. It’s all new and so fancy to me. It was a mix and match of what I’m familiar (sort of), recommendations, and further indulging some more with the option to add additional fee (which they call supplement).

Bottom pix, counter clockwise: I knew we had starter for supplement. Course 1: Tartare of Ahi Tuna  | Course 2: Osetra Caviar Tajarin Pasta (Supplement $25) | Course 3: Wild King Salmon | Course 4: Yemenite-style Beef Ribeye (Sorry for the photo, I ate it right away πŸ˜‹) | Course 5: Jasper Hill Harbison Cheese 

I love sit-down dinner. It feels like unwrapping Christmas presents. You’ll never know what’s next. I relished whatever was served to me with much gusto. It helps that I’m adventurous. Dinners are always pricey, the 5-Course Menu comes with a base price of $165 plus all the supplement we had. It was so much fun. As expected, the same friend who treated us to that charming Japanese meal, was the same friend who made the gastronomic experience to Michael Mina possible. Daisuke-san, daisuki!  Now, I’m missing Japan.

The question remains, is it worth it with an average tab per person going for $250++? Well, I say, with special reasons to celebrate, why not? Though maybe a lunch trip for starter would be also as nice. Let’s live in the moment. Cheers! 🀩

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