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ALDO Amilmathien Red Ankle Boots β€οΈπŸ‘ 

There’s something about red shoes. They are such magnets of good, meaningful, and random conversations amongst friends and strangers alike. Here’s my recent pair. It’s so pretty.

Everybody’s favorite ALDO Amilmathien Leather Ankle Boots $100+ 

“In search of a pair of shoes that are sure to β€œkick” some much needed attitude into your wardrobe (see what we did there)? Well look no further: we present the Amilmathien from cult high-street hero Aldo. With an unusual cut-out silhouette and skyscraper heel, these gems are one to wear from the office (if you’re feeling fiery) straight to drinks with friends and, well, on to the dancefloor. We’ll see you there!” –Selfridges Says

They are so beautiful. Soft, comfy and super stylish. I felt tall, sexy and extra pretty. #FeelingModel πŸ˜…I need a black pair. Oh my goodness, I’m running out of shoe space! πŸ™ŠBut, fret not, one can never have too many shoes. Our bed is big enough to keep more pairs. Cheers! ✌🏻

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