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Hello, cinggus! 🤗Hope you all had a meaningful Thanksgiving day. As always, I’ve been busy good. And my, between Black Friday sale and real life drama, I’m swamped. But I’ve been (sort of) updating my IG @chicsassymom (please do check it out, share likes #sharingiscaring ). Here’s a new favorite personal care product that I’ve been meaning to rave about, Native Deodorant.

Native Deodorant Sample Pack $30+ Coconut Vanilla, Unscented, Lavender and Rose, Eucalyptus & Mint (travel size)

Native Deodorant, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. 

In love with Native Deodorant Coconut Vanilla

What I love about it? I love the scent. I’m very, very particular with scent and I tend to stick to a brand that I adore, so far the Coconut Vanilla is love. It evokes that warm and cozy feel when you apply it. But, it’s not overpowering and lasting at least for me, it works for me because I want my perfume scent to linger, not my deodorant or my clothes’s fabric softener (Downy scent haha 😅). But still, nice scent is relative. To each his own.

It’s grainy at the onset when you apply it, but it does “melt” and dissipate nicely. So no white thingy that goes to your clothes. It feels silky dry. Foremost, I remain unscented. I like that. So it means no Body Odor. I don’t have rashes or hives. And more importantly, it doesn’t darken my underarm. I’m proud to say that I don’t have dark underarms. I swear, flabby, yes, but not dark albeit I shave. ✌🏻

Chic and Sassy Mom Tip: True story, some products especially APDO (anti-perspirant and deodorant) can cause rashes given you use it to your sensitive underarm areas. It can be with the same brand, but different forms (cream vs. solid), still can cause reaction. So foremost, do patch test.

Well, about the anti-perspirant, it was my concern back when I was in the Philippines, but I don’t really sweat in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California) because of the weather. Even last summer, so I couldn’t really talk about this benefit if you’re after this. Native Deodorant per se acts as anti-perspirant by naturally absorbing the moisture. But here’s the difference about deodorant and anti-perspirant as per the brand site… “Anti-perspirant prevents you from sweating. That is, the aluminum contained in anti-perspirant acts as a plug on your body’s sweat ducts and prevents you from sweating and releasing other byproducts of sweat. Deodorant works by eliminating and absorbing the moisture and odors associated with sweat.”

Ingredients. It’s safe and effective. Aluminum and Paraben Free. 

This comes in a solid stick form, and it’s an adjustment because I was a cream user. Having said that, so my only gripe is it so messy to open and close so I always have to use a tissue when I open it. Because the formula thingy goes to the cover.

One stick last a looong while, I have mine since August, and I’m just still on Coconut & Vanilla.

I’ve been a Secret-user for life, until I made a switch to natural deodorant. Not toxic and effective, I’m sold! So far, I’m glad I did. It works for me. Consider making the switch to Native Deodorant, check it out here, just remember to patch test, no sweat, you’re set! Cheers! ✨

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