Friday Night Barting πŸš‰| #ChicSassyMomxUSA

Happy weekend! πŸ€—

I feel like I’m fated to live in this part of California where there is BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). πŸ˜…Until recently, I’ve been mastering public transports in the area. Oh well, it’s convenient and perfect way to multi-task, meaning, instead of sitting in the traffic driving, taking the train for an hour worth of commute is one episode of my Korean Dramas. 🀫Plus, I’m lazy (I miss having a driver). Though it’s risky. I do wish it’s as safe and nice as Japan’s commute. However, unlike Japan, where mostly it’s a quiet ride (literally), where it seems everyone is so prim and proper, taking the BART can be more fun and engaging too. It’s a venue to enrich and to immerse oneself to the culture…aha, so this is America.

I joined in the conversation with another passenger, curious about their do. It’s November 2. In my part of the world (Philippines) before, it’s All Souls’ Day. Here, not post-Halloween getup, but it’s a way of remembering Day of the Dead.Β 

I am still reluctant on moving here, I feel like my life is on a pause, wait-and-see mode, but with a new set of mindset, I condition myself (everyday drama) to try to make the best of our stay here. Oh what a joy that the warm friendliness of the city is so contagious and so it makes the whole experience meaningful and memorable. More often than not, “how are you?’s” and “Have a great day!” are not just casual pleasantries, but truly sincere encounters with selfies even.Β  🀳🏼So here’s to chasing our California dreams…Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨

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