Dramafever Shuts Down 🙉 | #FangirlProblem

Annyeong, cinggu! Hope all is well. Yesterday, Dramafever casually officially informed the fandom that they’ve been shut down. Instantly. A day before, I checked on 100 Days My Prince, which is exclusively licensed for streaming by them. It said that the episode will be delayed until further notice. My initial reaction was to check Wikipedia for its ratings. It’s there! Episode 12 even noted a rating best. Yesterday, tadaaaa, this notice came about.

Even the Dramafever News Site showed the same notice. Late in the evening, even the Twitter account was deactivated and so was the Instagram account. 🙉 I said it on my Twitter rant, even an illegal streaming site cares to notify somehow, just as common courtesy. Something’s amiss!!! This is a platform that’s apparently owned now by Warner Bros. That’s all the more worrisome considering there should have been better planning on how to advise their loyal patrons on this mishap coming from an established company…no words! 🙈

With how things went, it seemed it was done on impulse…feels like a drama is unfolding. They said they will refund. I’m on monthly, so that should be okay. Truth be told, that’s the least of my complain. It’s done so haphazardly, just very unbecoming. Assuming they said it’s becoming more costly to get licenses with Netflix and Amazon joining in the craze, but my, even Amazon redirects to Dramafever the dramas that are exclusively licensed to Dramafever. And then there’s the recently K-Expo 2018 which was from Dramafever. Come to think of it, I barely saw updates from it, even the IG feed of Dramafever didn’t show much, or I don’t remember seeing any. I just saw the pre-event posts. Even in IG, there’s only about 1K hashtags of it, and not a lot of tweet mentions about it too, plus not a remarkable photo that shows off the crowd. Hmmm, considering it featured Astro, with Cha Eunwoo fresh off the success of My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and Infinite’s L (Miss Hammurabi). Double hmmmm. 🤔

(And more) Hmmmm, I feel so sad and bothered that even the news site was taken down. All those precious articles of our oppas and dramas beautifully and passionately written by our fellow cinggus. I’m beyond bothered and heartbroken. It feels like there is a drama plot that is unfolding.

So assuming they plan to do another platform that will be a better, bigger, etc., if there’s something in the works, an established, professionally managed company should have a semblance of strategies, business plans and transition models in place….maybe transitioning patrons to it, even if they wanted to ask for a higher fee, there should have been a period that will offer an opt out or upgrade. Haay naku! Ottoke!? 🙉

 #Thowback from my Seoul Trip at Digital Media City . Filming location of Pinocchio, etc. 

I’m a premium subscriber for both Dramafever and Viki. I need like them both. But I do love Dramafever more in a way that they release subtitled episodes faster. What to do about those thousands of dramas both Korean and Chinese, which are my addiction happy pills?! I feel so heartbroken. The problem is there are licensed dramas exclusively to them that Viki, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video couldn’t pick up. Not to mention, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, which is my all-time favorite Chinese Drama, that only they have. My goodness.  🙄

Dramafever has played a big part of fostering my ardent fangirl heart. Thank you for the offline option, which accompanied me on my flights and commutes. I thank everyone for all the passion and commitment to fuel the drama fandom. I feel sad on reading that people (cinggus) would be losing their jobs over this. I hope all will be well. Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

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  1. Wao! So it's just not a few of us who are sad they shut down. 😀 I was surprised 'cause I rely on them for my k-drama needs. I follow them on iG and it's sad for them to close like that. </3


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