Shoes off, please! πŸ™‰ | #Petpeeve #OCD #AsianMom

It’s probably Asian or cultural thing, but my biggest pet peeve among many other things is (people) blazing across the house with shoes on. πŸ™ŠWe’ve been trained to remove our shoes. We have house slippers, bathroom slippers, and what have you. Tsinelas. Going barefoot is an option too. Except, you’ll probably never see the end of it, to be endlessly lectured by elders of how you will have varicose veins etc. with walking on cold floors.Β Overtime, life happens, we moved out, stayed in dormitories, and just like that we’re renting our own place. My rule in our house, strictly no shoes. Philippine or Asian setting, when visiting, we take the lead in removing them, more often than not, we get the cue from the homeowners, if we’re entering together, if we see that they removed their shoes (believe me, this is the hint that we give out, I do too) and changed to a pair of house slippers, we must do the same (obviously, we need a clean, nice pair of socks or well pedicured feet to boot every time because you’ll just never know). Sometimes, there are exclusions not to take them off, if there’s a party or something. I’ll take that, I wouldn’t want to be the only one walking on bare foot while everyone sashays with their shoes on (hello, all germs on my feet/socks!πŸ™„) Anyhow, it’s easier to clean up where every floor is mostly just moppable, and it should be easy since we have helpers to do the after-party clean up back home. (I miss Manila life!🀫) But here in America, thank you, Swiffer!

Weekend. It’s nice to see our house slippers all outside our bedroom doors, everybody is home. #SimpleJoy
Confessions be told. There is another urban legend that says weΒ  (Asian moms and aunties #TitasofManila πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) tend to bring home stuff from the hotel like the amenities etc. I did that too, but overtime, I only did it if they areΒ Hermes or Lanvin or L’occitane.Β  But what I don’t fail to take, and even to request extras, are pairs of hotel slippers. I re-use them as guest slippers. So friends would normally take the cue, if I offer them house slippers, then they should know I mean business. πŸ˜…I take a mental note on which carpeted areas I need to remember to also clean, and believe me when I say, I do after-party clean up seriously. This is the same case in America, remember weΒ moved to a new apartment, it’s less stressful now that the house is not carpeted. There is a certain level of stress involved on this issue. Hah. The rule is to really take the cue from the homeowner, be it a family, friend or acquaintance.Β  I normally would want to do it the subtle approach, but promise, I’m so tempted to hang a sign that straight out says, “Shoes off, pretty please! ” Believe me, it’s easier to wear bedroom slippers than carpet the whole world (but this only applies when others see eye to eye with you, if not, it gets more toxic if you carpet the whole world and they just insist on wearing shoesπŸ™ˆ, good luck!). It pays to offer first, please. I mean well. Seriously. Sincerely. I hope you do the same.Β 
While this practice or removing your shoes can be rooted to have more cultural significance in other Asian countries (e.g. Japan, Thailand, South Korea), it is still basically hinged on emphasis to cleanliness. You can call it a pet peeve or OCD, here’s how I explain it to my son (and hubby)…so you walk on the streets, on your school bathroom, and wherever with all of the bacterias, dirts, grime, germs, etc. in the world and you then walk around our house (like a boss) with the same shoes, and for sure, just even for a moment, you have to take them off, walk on barefoot, and pretty soon you’re ready for sleep, you jumpΒ step on your bed, the pillows and blanket will one way or another touch that area where now the germs happily congregate, and then you sleep on that pillow, cuddle, snuggle, cover yourself on that blanket, and so there it goes, everything is on your face. In fact, there’s another level to it, because our rooms are carpeted, we normally leave the slippers outside our bedroom. And we don’t bring them to the bathroom too. It’s another layer of germ and bacteria lessons, I’ll just leave it as that. This level of paranaoiaΒ house rule is further taken into another level with my sister working for Infection Control of the hospital, she literally sees germs anywhere!πŸ™‰ I know, they are everywhere, this is just us, mitigating the risks with one can of Lysol spray, box of Swiffer, bottle of Clorox wipes, and a pair of tsinelas to swat the germs away. Hah. πŸ˜…Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✨
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