Lee Joon Gi and Deng Lun for Fendi | #FangirlModeOn #KDramaInspiredShopping

Annyeong! 🤗OMO, so I’m such a fangirl that I eat, live, love, breathe, sleep, dress, and shop Chinese and Korean drama-inspired. Shocks, before Deng Lun, I only live for Lee Joon Gi and Korean Dramas, but now, oh my, I need them both in my hopeless, drama addict, romantic life. 😉🤔#FangirlProblems

In fairness, as fate would have it, my oppa (Lee Joon Gi) and dongsaeng (Deng Lun) recently sported Fendi. Fabulous.

Lee Joon Gi for Elle Men HK sporting Fendi
Deng Lun for Fendi x Fila Collaboration 

Oh my, my fangirl heart is full. The iconic inverted Zucca or “FF” logo is truly so back, and oh my,  two of my favorite artists in the whole wide world are wearing it.

So here’s why I’m mighty superficially happy…I have a belt and a vintage Fendi Zucca Mama bag (thanks to my fairy godmother, who happily handed me down her Fendi bag). So my fangirl heart is giddy…love it! Double F, feel na feel ko. 🙈#FeelingClose #FeelingConnected

Reversible Fendi Belt
Vintage Fendi Zucca Mama Forever Shoulder Bag

Side story. Because I take the BART, Bay Area Rapit Transit in San Francisco, I normally don’t wear branded stuff that shouts designer (hello, LV and Gucci). I learned my lesson the hard way sometime ago. I know Fendi from a long time ago because of my mom and aunts, but over time, even with the cutie Monster bags and charms, you can actually get away with wearing Fendi without being too loud about wearing the brand even with the classic Double F logo, it will just be drowned in the sea of Louis Vuitton bags out there. Safe. So it’s my everyday bag when commuting, this, or a Chloe Paraty or a Balenciaga bag. It’s so light, and low maintenance (except for the hardwares). The belt is a delight to wear. I’m content to own one of each, until Lee Joon Gi and Deng Lun came along wearing Fendi…loud and proud, and mighty handsome with it. Aisssh…now I need a matching outfit to boot! 🙉Reality check. Fendi is just one brand they wear. They’ll be wearing others. I’m so tempted right now to get the matching bag  and cap of Deng Lun. I tend to do that, I have a matching shoes with Lee Joon Gi… oh well, #CrazyAsianFangirl in the house. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Oh well, what to do when I feel that expensive superficial connection fuels my fangirl heart. Life of a KDrama and CDrama drama addict is not for the faint of heart. Believe me, everyday there’s an internal discourse  over why, why, why go cray, cray over them, and I should just stop and get a life. Hah! 😅But oh well, for me, it’s my ultimate anti-aging and coping mechanism to survive real life dramas.  It’s truly a blessing when you have a real life oppa that supports your quirkiness and capriciousness like yours truly. Me, myself and I: drama addict + drama-inspired shopping = deadly! Wish me luck! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

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