We’ve moved! 🏡| #ChicSassyMomxUSA Part 1

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗Oh my, so for the nth time, we’ve moved again. New home. New adventures. New memories. No wifi for a while. But, I’m back! Oh, life! My, I swear this one was toxic epic, because we had no movers to help us, it’s just the three of us. For days, I thought, I broke my back.  🙊But, we’ve settled. Yay!

It’s a newly renovated apartment unit. I love the floors. It’s easier to clean, well, I initially thought so.  
We found a spot for my tea sets. Yay! That’s it for now. Oh well, you ought to know that Niles is just few miles away, and I can never get enough tea cups
Pineapples, Alexa, Sunbursts, and Scentsy #FewofmyFavoriteThings ✨
Hummel and stuff. I’ll save it for another post, but we had so much unique finds from the Fremont Niles Antique Fair 2018 (see my IG post @chicsassymom). We’re pleasantly surprised that this apartment have so much light fixtures. Unlike the last one, where we only have one for the living and dining room, and we had to furnish the room with lamps. Oh well, now, it’s sooo bright and sunny. Hello, California living! Cheers! ✨
To be continued…

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