Hummel Figurines ✨| #ChicSassyMomFinds #VintageSoul


On my growing list of happiest places on earth is a visit to an antique shop. I’m lucky to have Niles so near to us…antique shops to my heart’s delight. I’m such a pack rat. I can be sooo into stuff…newest apple of my eyes are Hummel figurines.

Rekindling my vintage soul with Hummel ✨| Vintage Tea Set | Hummel Goose Girl

The Hummel Heavenly Angel got me. I thought I wouldn’t mind collecting just the angels first, but it seems this is quite challenging as they’re rarely available. So we just started getting whatever we can given the spending threshold we allowed ourselves. Hah.

Oh how I love thee.  Here’s one store’s available inventory of Hummel Figurines. Oh my Hummel, there are just so many of you.  What to do?!

With our research and with the book, I’ve discovered the vast and endearing history behind the figurines. They’re not just your chubby cheeks, large doe-eyes, cute and angelic work of art, but there’s also so much heartwarming backstory why Franciscan Sister Berta Hummel came up with these beautiful sketches until her death and W. Goebel Company produced them in ceramic figurines. We’re forever charmed.

Slowly but surely, building our M.I. Hummel Figurines by Goebel Collection. We’re starting with a smaller display cabinet, and so far, it’s full. 😉

With the book, we can name all of the Hummel Figurines we have. To name a few, we have the Apple Tree Boy, The Heavenly Angel, and Signs of Spring. Oh my, there’s so much more. But so far, we’re good…for now. Hah. 😅

There’s so much love in collecting. There’s the thrill and the commitment on the search and the memories that come with it that make collecting antiques (or any collectibles) so precious.  I know it by heart. I’m such a die-hard fangirl and I hopelessly devote myself to a cause that I find worth addicting pursuing (type Korean Drama, Seoul, Innisfree in my search box). 😉Let’s do this. Cheers! ✌🏻

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