#ChicSassyMomFinds | Oakley + Transitions at Costco ๐Ÿค“

Oakley is love. I feel that Oakley are the best eyewear for me, both for prescription and sunglasses (that and Tom Ford).ย  Plus, it’s a brand endorsed by Lee Jong Suk (oh well, there it goes again, my endless Korean-drama-inspired shopping ๐Ÿ™Š), I just feel that there’s a deeper connection with the brand. Haha. Moving here, I was initially set on just mostlyย wearing contact lenses, with nice fake lashes and shades to boot. Oh well, life happens, it’s still too much work to put on contact lenses every single day, so eyeglasses it is!

I realized too that it’s not so easy to replenish contact lenses here, because you need a separate prescription for one. Instead of just the basic eyeglasses prescription of $69+,ย  with contact lens fitting, the checkup cost goes to $149+ and you’ll usually need appointment. Oh how I miss Executive Optical and Ideal Vision where eye checkup is free! Because I have chubby cheeksย higher cheek bones, it’s not easy to get just any frame online. I need a perfect fitting. I have been shopping for the nice perfect pair wherever I get the chance, but my, frames can get pricey too. If you want Transitions lenses, it gets more pricey. Hmmmm…so that’s why our relatives from Europe and US, when they visit Manila, they make sure to get all their eyewear and dental and medical procedures and everything else there. I miss you, Manila.ย 
From my window shopping, Costco Optical wins. Depending on the frame, a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses with Transition lenses is half the price or even lower than elsewhere. Though you need to be a member, even so, it’s still cheaper in Costco. Sometimes, Costco Optical promotions, buy one complete pair, get x $ off for the second pair. That’s what I did. Please take note that you still need your prescription. The eye clinic near the optical shop is third-party, so you usually need appointment and fees is on top.ย 
I like that the choice of lens at Costco Optical, though depending on case, is pretty straight forward, so there’s not a lot of add-ons or room for up-selling. Mine, I got each Oakley frame for $89.99+ and $100+ for Transitions lenses, less promotion amount, that time was $30off, for my second frame. It’s definitely the best deal out there. From others, I was quoted just for a pair, more or less for the same price of the two pairs already.ย 
Oakley Intention Dark Ruby + Transitions Brown
Oakley Fenceline Tortoise + Transitions Gray
When driving, they don’t really transition per se to shades-like color. But it gets most of the glare out on a cloudy day, except if it’s truly sunny (apparently summer in California is soooh sunny), then I need the visor to keep the glare out. It seems, that’s why it’s recommended to get another pair for driving with Transitions Drivewear.ย  This adapts or technically transitions to another color depending on the environment except it doesn’t turn clear at all. I might get one next summer. So I’m taking a break from contacts, except when I need to put on my game face with nice lashes to boot. I’m pretty happy with my selfiesย makeshift sunglasses. They’re Oakleys, so hello, Lee Jong Suk! Cheers! โœŒ๐Ÿป

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