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Hope Springs 🌸 | California Day 1

From my part of the world, Happy Chinese New Year! ✨

I’m starting this series of our USA stay countdown. Oh what a mighty God we serve, it’s no coincidence, but only God’s perfect timing that today is our Day 1 of chasing after our American Dreams. Hope springs.

Are these Cherry Blossoms? I googled them to be sure, it seems they are. But Cherry Blossoms in Union City, California on winter (Feb 2018)? If they are, I guess they too were confused last time because for a moment the world thought that winter was over. I love that they bloomed prematurely, so it gives me hope. 

So today is just perfection, well almost. It’s another “me” time for yours truly. I’m done with housework except for laundry,  I can’t wait to resume watching another Korean Drama, Just Between Lovers. I swear if many would be into Korean dramas, the world will be a better place. Haha. Imagine having that soulful and literally Seoul-ful connection with instant cinggus (friends in Korean) all over the world. True story, I have made lifelong friendships, and even successful working relationships because we discovered that we are united in love and addiction for Korean Dramas. Hmmmm, to get you started, if you haven’t, why don’t you perhaps try Healer with Ji Chang Wook, that or something else (I have to truly think about drama would best onboard you with the drama world, will save another post).

Anyhow, I wanted to give glory and thanks to our dear God. Truly, pray, hope, and don’t worry. Through the intercession of Padre Pio and Our Lady of Lourdes, God answers prayers. I sincerely want to give testament to how God works miraculously. He has plans for us and works in wonders. Inshallah, if God wills it. Pray, pray, pray. I learn to ask family and friends for prayer intercessions. Thank you, prayer warriors.

So I daresay I’m prayerful, I pray about everything. I remembered praying sincerely hard to God when I was but a child on the dogs barking at midnight because I was too scared, so I prayed to please dear God make them stop. I even prayed for my crush, hahaha, please make him like me back. Hahaha. If I don’t have enough sleep because I was too scared or worried or because I stayed up so late because of a book (I was a bookworm, before a drama addict, now both, haaay hopeless romantic) or now for a Korean drama, but I needed to be functioning in the morning for school and work, I pray to God for a miracle of a good night sleep (please God, even if I sleep now only for an hour or so, please make it feel that I’ve slept the whole night through with a sweet dream to boot.) Never fails, I calm down, sleep, and wake up recharged ready to face another day, but I say a little prayer of forgiveness for worrying or staying up needlessly. Everyday, I try to ask for forgiveness for doubting, for feeling entitled, for being jealous, for being moody, for nagging, for being proud (today, I grounded my son and I’m giving my hubby a silent treatment because of some real life dramas, oh well, I guess silence should be better than fighting for the moment as my son said, we’re like dogs, there, Happy CNY! Ha. Bad.), for being indulgent, for forgetting to pray, and all the likes (hello, human!).

But then, I realize albeit belatedly that although God knows our hearts’ desires, we need to learn to pray the right way. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with diligent practice and with utmost sincerity and steadfast humility, we can be articulate with our prayers. Oh well, I’m still lacking so I guess, I will still have a longer and a more colorful life ahead of me. Ha. But I swear, true story, for a moment when I was a child, I was a sicky and a meek child, in a drama setting, but then, life happens, I met Candy (see Candy Candy Japanese Manga and Anime), I can’t be Candy all the time. I bark, I bite. I’m mischievous and quaint. I’m altogether charming, so I thrive. What keeps me going? Of course, a lot of prayers. And a bit of inspiration from dramas, happy endings, and knowing that this too shall pass. Aja! Aja! Fighting! πŸ€—

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