#ChicSassyMomFinds | Jo Malone Haul 💫 #GiftIdeas

Hello, love month! 😍 All you need is love, right? But a little gift now and then won’t hurt at all. 😉 I made my husband’s life easier by naming my gift of choice for Valentine’s Day.  Tadaaaa… another Jo Malone cologne, please. While we normally would drive to Nordstrom Palo Alto, I’ve been subscribed to Jo Malone USA online too.  Every so often, they have extra gifts, best one I’ve seen were deluxe sample of cologne and body creme. Today, they only have a deluxe cologne sample (9 ml) of Basil and Neroli. It was love at first try with Basil and Neroli, so yes, I needed to get this one, right now! So I sweetly asked my hubby if I can already get my gift, he said yes! Yay!

For the love of more samples, and an even bigger one, shop at Jo Malone online now! 🤗

You ought to know I’m quite addicted to Jo Malone (see Jo Malone haul post here). It’s so hard to choose what scent I like best. Hmmmm, let me think. Is it Nectarine Blossom and Honey? Or Blackberry and Bay? or Wild Blue Bell? Or Basil and Neroli? Not sure, I like all!!! And I’ll probably like more in the future. But if unsure, personally, safe bet and choice will be Nectarine Blossom & Honey. I suggest visiting a shop near you (normally in the US, it’s Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus), try and sample. Think about it, then head over to Jo Malone online site. The same way you get samples in Nordstrom, you can also get 3 samples online. Plus, every so often, as said before, more gifts with an engraving option to boot! You know for people like yours truly who are so easy to get. 😉

For $140++ per classic 100ml bottle, it seems like a reasonable gift, right? At least, it’s not a designer purse or shoes, or even a super nice but expensive flower arrangement like my last time’s VDay gift request. But soon enough, be ready, you’ll be buying more. If you add them up, hmmmm, it’ll be about a price of a pair of designer shoes (think Valentino and Gucci hahaha). Oh well, if I can go with having both, why not!? But so far, I’m happy with Jo Malone. Cheers! ✨

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