#ChicSassyMomFinds | Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles ✨

Hmmmm 🤔, it seems that truly most good things start with “c”, coffee, (Korean drama oppa a.k.a.) crush-es 🤫, candies, cake, chocolates (Royce! Royce! Royce!), coats, ChicSassyMom (me, myself, and I! 😉) and candles too. Hahaha I can probably keep going of thinking about other stuff that starts with “c”, but I’ll keep it at that and save it for next time.

All you need are Bath and Body Works Candles.

I love, love, love candles + aromatherapy, reminds me of spa. I used to be a spa-addict. Oh, well. Hahaha So meantime, I get my daily dose with spa-ish scents from oils to lotions and candles. Plus, my hubby has this keen sense of smell that everything can smell bad. So I fill our home with all sorts of air freshener, candles and all. We have our differences in scent preference, but so far, we agree on on some scents from Bath and Body Works. Truly, we’ve tried most candle brands, and the Bath and Body Works candle never fails to make the whole house smells good, even after a meal with kimchi. Best candle everrr. I usually wait for the candle sale as low as $10++ per candle instead, or half the price from $24++. The candle holders are nice too.

Please, please, indulge me. I’m feeling dramatic again. A LOT on my mind, I needed to unwind, chill, pray, hope, and don’t worry. So I light a candle or two, say a little prayer, imagine I’m in a spa or somewhere nice…happy mode. Cheers! ✨

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