#FangirlModeOn | Master in the House with Lee Seung Gi

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗 Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pleasantly uneventful, which allowed me to indulge to more KDrama time with Lee Seung Gi’s Hwayugi (Korean Odyssey) and Master in the House a.k.a. All The Butlers.

Master in the House/ All The Butlers (Hangul: 집사부일체) stars Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, Yang Se-hyung and Yook Sung-jae. on SBS on every Sunday.

Sidestory, I’m not a super fan before, but watched most of his dramas (I love him most in The King 2 Hearts), but my, my, after his military service, I find him more charming, endearing, and loveable. So yes, the more oppa, the merrier. Hmmm, 🤔 there must be something about the Lee’s (Lee Joon Gi, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Sang Yoon, now him too) that sways and flutters my ardent fangirl heart. 😂 Goodness, ottoke?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t get enough of him in Hwayugi. Though, I’m not so sold into the OTP/Romance side just yet, I do hope they do something about it. Please, drama gods, do not fail us. Having said that, I naturally have to get my Lee Seung Gi fix. Yes, yes, I re-watched most of his drama as far back to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Then I found Master in the House. Oh my, so I had to updrade my Viki Subscription to Viki Plus to satiate my fangirl heart.

Master in the House Episode 1 with their Master Machine (ala Mystery Machine of the Scooby Doo gang) 

Lee Sang Yoon, I love from Angel Eyes and On the Way to the Airport. Yook Sung-jae from Who are You: School 2015. I’m happy to meet Yang Se-hyung. There’s a great mix to the group. With Lee Seung Gi expertly leading the group with all his wittiness and flair for doing Variety Show. He’s so funny when he talks fondly (at every opportunity he gets) about his military service experience. Yang Se-Hyung adds the perfect comedic timing. Yook Sung-Jae is the perfect humble, earnest dongsaeng. This is Lee Sang Yoon’s first variety show, I find him super adorable, charming and awkwardly funny, and sincerely loves his candid honesty without trying so hard for admittedly being a Variety Show newbie. Haha. I remembered Lee Bo Young from the last awards show she hosted saying that her Whisper Drama Team is quiet and shy. So it’s very endearing to see Lee Sang Yoon in a whole new light. He never fails to shine. Together, with perfect ensemble of honest, insightful, witty, funny, diligent and loveable individuals, they are captivating.

Read more after the break. (Get your Lee Seung Gi fix 😉).

Episode 1 starts with a Lee Seung Gi show that offers a look into his life (truly delish 😋 and refreshing 😉).

Told you, it’s refereshing. 😅

I can’t get enough of Lee Seung Gi. He’s very playful and full of energy, indeed a Monkey King. 😙 Then the whole gang went to meet and visit their first master. Bromance to the highest level. 


They stayed with their first master until Ep 3. Episode 3 is super endearing with Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sung-jae sweet, sincere display of raw emotions. Awwww. 😭 I feel you, love. 😘 Episode 4, they went on to meet another master. Another charming episode.

Yum! Korean Food!!!

I don’t remember laughing so loud that I’m pretty sure the whole apartment complex heard. *ROFL-LOL. That’s rolling on floor, laughing out loud.🤣  It’s such an enjoyable show to watch. What’s even nicer about it is that it’s not slapstick comedy, it’s a sophisticated variety show that features the cast earnestly putting effort to obey their Master, then ultimately to discover and to learn a whole new sets of life lessons of hard work, resilience, and dedication to be worthy of being a Master. Everyone’s interaction is priceless. I’m not sure how many episodes will it have in total. To date, there are 4. I watch Master in the House on Viki. Wikipedia shows only 6. I’m worried. I do hope for more. Team Master in the House, Aja! Aja! Fighting! ✌🏻

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