#ChicSassyMomTravels | San Francisco Hearts ❤️

San Francisco, how do I heart thee? Let me count the ways. ❤️ Sometime 2010, I shared the same sentiment after being charmed by the city that truly, I left my heart in San Francisco. We’re happy to be back. I’m falling in love with all the hearts the city has to offer. 

December 2017 visit: America’s Greatest City by the Bay by Tony Bennett at Union Square 
2010 Visit with little Chaseyboy
Also 2010 Visit: Another Red Sparkling/Glitzy Red Heart at Union Square
January 2018 Visit: Open Heart by Patrick Dintino Pier 39 
January 2018 Visit: My Heart by Sirron Norris at the building lobby from Embarcadero Bart Station
It seems there are a lot of hearts, third time’s the charm, so just maybe I will see more hearts of San Francisco. 😍 Hmmmm, it means no time to rest, more time to explore the city instead of staying at home, binge watching Korean Dramas. 😉 Oh well, let’s do this! Sending finger hearts to everyone! Saranghae! ✌🏻😍

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